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Zodiac Star Sign Pendant Necklace Silver Leo

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Welcome to the magical world of the Zodiac Star Sign Pendant Necklace Silver! With its alluring design and multifaceted white zircon stones, this necklace is perfect for adorning yourself with the wonders of the universe.

Leos celebrate birthdays from July 23 - August 22 and are the fifth sign of the zodiac. Leo is a fire element associated with strength, courage, and leadership. People born under this sign are known for their boldness, energy, confidence and sense of adventure. They love being in the spotlight and thrive on attention from others.

Crafted with 925 sterling silver, this pretty necklace features a lobster clasp and an adjustable chain length, allowing you to wear it at either 40 cm or 45 cm in length. The intricate motif, designed as your zodiac symbol, measures 1.5 cm x 1 cm and adds an extra layer of subtleness and etherealness. Not to mention it is incredibly lightweight at approximately 2.6 grams.

If you're looking for a fashionable way to express yourself and your cosmic alignment, then this necklace is exactly what you need! Whether you're someone searching for a fabulous birthday present for your star-sign obsessed friend or just want something special that expresses your own sign, this pendant necklace is an ideal way to stand out from the crowd in fashionable style!

Zodiac Star Sign Pendant Necklace Silver Leo - LATELITA Necklaces
Zodiac Star Sign Pendant Necklace Silver Leo Sale price£59.00