Blue with clarity and a hue reminiscent of autumn leaves falling from above it's officially November, and that means we’re celebrating the two birthstones of the month: Topaz and Citrine!

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Composed of a rare silicate and ranking 8 on the Mohs hardness scale, Topaz comes in a wide variety of colours that includes: orange, yellow, red, pink, blue, purple, and green. Though yellow, white, and blue are the most popular shades. While the name “Topaz” derives from the Greek word “Topazion”, its name has been traced even further back to the Sanskrit term “Tapas”, meaning fire. The Greeks believed it to grant strength and powers of invisibility to its wearers, while the Romans deemed that it would change colours when placed next to poisoned food and beverages. During the Renaissance, it was said to break spells and rid wearers of anger, while in modern times, the gem remains a symbol of royalty with the Duchess of Cambridge being known to wear her blue topaz and diamond earrings.

Kate Middleton Duchess Cambridge wears blue topaz earrings diamonds


Known as the stone of clarity, topaz (in particular blue topaz), is said to bring about good health and relieve stress, its frost blue pureness negates any negative energy around us and unlocks our inner wisdom. Above all else, this mystical gemstone helps you to embrace your true self and channel your strength. A useful tool when tapping into your creative mind and for focusing on the task at hand. Should you find yourself in a tight situation or rushing to meet a deadline, allow a charm of blue topaz to unlock your hidden potential and clear your head enough for you to get the job done. Similarly, White Topaz also connects you to your true self, but by bringing your persona outwards and amplifying your presence.

Gifts for November birthdays topaz and citrine birthstone jewellery


Connected to the throat chakra but also effective when placed upon the third eye, blue topaz helps us to connect more with the world around us and the boundaries we have with it. As a stone that promotes peacefulness and connectivity, it’s a resourceful companion when meditating and calming any rampant emotional waves within. It functions exceptionally well when decision making. In a time where situations and news alter constantly, this can also be helpful in grounding oneself. On the other hand, white topaz assists with connecting you to the spiritual realm and clearing the haze around your life’s path.

Gifts for November birthdays topaz and citrine birthstone jewellery


Officially the gift for a 16th wedding anniversary, you don’t have to be celebrating anything to give your partner a piece of topaz jewellery. Whether blue, white, or yellow, no matter the case, this rare gem evokes a mature connection of confidence in both oneself; and their relationship. Not only does it bring out the vivaciousness of a relationship, but its clarity and connectedness will further strengthen the bond between two people.

Gifts for November birthdays topaz and citrine birthstone jewellery


How you style your topaz depends on the colour, but no matter which you go with, they all gleam with a particular sophistication and charm. While blue topaz stands out more and catches eyes by its soothing colour alone; white topaz signals a subtler taste. In the end, both are versatile and pair well when styled upon basics. As we move closer to winter, consider if you want your topaz as blue as ice, or white like a snowflake?


As the other birthstone of November, Citrine like its name presides is reminiscent of citrus, and lemons growing off the coast of Italy. The name is believed to directly come from the french word “citron” after it was changed from “yellow quartz” in 1556. While it had its moment being used decoratively by the Ancient Greeks and the 17th century Scottish, Citrine truly popped off during the Art Deco period, as it was styled in total eccentricity.

Gifts for November birthdays topaz and citrine birthstone jewellery

Consider this precious gem a little piece of the Sun to provide you with the energy and light you may find yourself missing, especially as winter approaches. It’s known for keeping our energy levels high when we’re met with fatigue, and our blood circulation flowing against any dull periods. A restorative gem when you need it and a never-ending battery that keeps giving. Connected to the Solar Plexus and Sacral chakras, Citrine helps provide you with confidence and repelling negative forces.

Gifts for November birthdays topaz and citrine birthstone jewellery

Should you be gifting Citrine jewellery to a special someone with a November birthday, or treating yourself to this electrical gem consider its unique, sunburst hue and sparkle. This gem evokes feelings of freshness and renewal, a mysterious light that’ll stand out during both the coldest and warmest of days.