May’s Birthstone - Emerald: Spiritually Balancing, Visually Dreamy

It is no coincidence that come springtime in May, we celebrate the only birthstone with a deeper green than the richest grass fields, Emerald. Renowned for its captivating colour, the favoured gem by Queen Cleopatra is symbolic with compassion, balance, and hope.

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Formation & History

The natural formation of emeralds occurs rarely and at the discrepancies of mother nature. It is only under two rare circumstances that this precious gem begins its formation: either within hydrothermal veins created by fluids escaped from magma or within the magma itself. Everything must be right, and to be right, it is essential to have the correct amounts of heat and pressure intertwined with the correct level of beryllium. Known as a member of the beryl family of crystals — the mineral which aquamarine is also composed of — what distinguishes emerald from others is the chromium it possesses.

Latelita emerald green jewellery earrings necklaces rings

Worshipped across the globe from the ancients in Egypt to the mystical Incas in South America, the earliest traces of the velvety-green gem gracing civilization dates to mines in South Egypt from 2,000 B.C. Staying true to its narrative as the springtime jewel, the name emerald derives from the Sanskrit word ‘marakata’ which means ‘spring green’. Famously, Cleopatra adored emeralds and her mine near the Red Sea is still there today. For the ancient Egyptians, the green of emerald represented fertility and rebirth, so much so that they would adorn mummies with them in hopes of granting ‘eternal youth’. In both Greek and Roman culture, the deep green of emerald was renowned for soothing eyesight and relieving stress. Aristotle valued it in his writings, believing that it helped to settle litigation. While Rome’s Pliny the Elder, is quoted with writing ‘...nothing greens greener’ when praising the gem’s colour.

Latelita emerald green jewellery earrings necklaces rings

Channelling Intuition and Awareness

With Mercury serving as the planetary ruler of emerald, it helps to unravel ignorance and channel spiritual awakening, while also helping with comprehension and memory. As a result of the soothingness of emerald’s green colour, it is said they promote balance and harmony, even in the workplace and amongst teams assisting with creativity, optimism, and vision.

Latelita emerald green jewellery earrings necklaces rings

Emotional Equilibrium: Healing the Heart

2021 has already been an emotional rollercoaster ride for many, but emerald can help find security with that. A renowned medicine for balancing the energies of the heart chakra, this means emerald helps stabilize one’s emotions and place in the world: both physically and spiritually. Additionally, emerald cleanses the heart of toxicants and negative energy allowing for change to occur more seamlessly in life.

Latelita emerald green jewellery earrings necklaces rings

An Arbitrator of Faithfulness and Maturity

Emerald serves as a perfect gift to a loved one. A symbol of maturity and true love in a relationship, it was believed in ancient Greece that they could detect unfaithfulness based on the way their glow would change overtime. Doubling, as a cherishable accessory and the world’s most luxurious bullsh*t detector. Still, gifting your significant other a piece of emerald jewellery is a stylish way to signal both your deep appreciation for them and your trust that the green hue will not be changing after they put it on.

Jewellery That Generates Depth: How to Style Emerald

Across history emeralds have lavishly adorned the regalest of society. From Cleopatra and Catherine, the Great, to Queen Elizabeth II’s Vladimir Tiara and Abby Rockefeller’s brooch (later turned into a ring), gifted from her husband John D. Jr. As a result of the obscure colour emeralds possess, the opulence that accompanies them is particular in its mystique. They’re a great way to give depth to one’s look and they stand out when accompanied with neutral coloured stones. Still, they elevate the shine of gold tinges. If you want to complete a total look, consider how the green of emerald is going to glow when paired with any dark colours. Put on an emerald detail to top off a mood that is mysterious and the perfect edge of glamour.