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Tuscany Gemstone Drop Earring Gold Blue Topaz

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Elevate your appearance with the glamorous Tuscany Gemstone Drop Earring. This captivating earring includes a small, glittering cz top paired with two exquisite gemstones, one circular and one teardrop-shaped, to add dazzling movement.

Blue Topaz is the birthstone for those born in the month of December. Many people say that it is reminiscent of a clear blue lake on a summer’s afternoon. In Sanskrit the word for topaz is “tapas”, meaning fire. Contrary to its translation, this stone has been known to ancient civilizations to have cooling properties.

With a plethora of candy-coloured options, why not gather them all to craft the ideal combo for any occasion? Whether you're accessorising your favourite date night look or buying a special gift for a loved one, friends or bridesmaids, this chic piece is sure to make someone's day. 

Crafted from 925 sterling silver, dipped in 22ct gold, each delicate earring measures 6mm wide, 2.5cm long and weighs 2grams - making it an ideal petite choice. Nothing says elegance quite like these timeless dangle earrings - so pick up yours today and add sophistication to your jewellery collection!

Tuscany Gemstone Drop Earring Gold Blue Topaz - LATELITA Earrings
Tuscany Gemstone Drop Earring Gold Blue Topaz Sale price£69.00