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Monroe Gemstone Statement Necklace Morganite Silver

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Elevate your style game with the Monroe Gemstone Statement Necklace in luscious Morganite and 925 Silver. This necklace is anything but subtle at 46 cm in length, adorned all over with twinkling cubic zirconia. The real showstopper, though, is the ensemble of twenty-one lab-created morganite teardrops that cascade gracefully down the front. The largest gems sit at the centre, creating a 2.0 cm depth for the piece, and the sizes taper off elegantly from there. Tipping the scales at 41.4 grams, you'll definitely feel its luxurious weight. To keep this beauty right where it belongs, the necklace features a reliable box and tongue fastening. So go ahead, dance like no one's watching—your necklace isn't going anywhere.

Morganite is more than just a pretty stone; it's often linked to love, compassion, and emotional healing. When worn in jewellery, it's thought to attract love and maintain it, as well as promote a sense of peace and inner strength.

The Monroe Morganite necklace is the ideal companion for events that call for a touch of glamour—weddings, anniversaries, or swanky parties. Of course, if you want to turn heads at your next brunch date, we say go for it!

Monroe Gemstone Statement Necklace Morganite Silver - LATELITA Necklaces
Monroe Gemstone Statement Necklace Morganite Silver Sale price£499.00