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Four Leaf Clover Stud Earrings Gold

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Unlock a touch of luck and a whole lot of sparkle with our Four Leaf Clover Stud Earrings, plated in luxurious 18-carat gold. More than just eye-catching accessories, these petite amulets are crafted to impress with cubic zirconia stones and a subtle bevelled design, adding depth and realism to each clover.

Though dainty in dimensions—each earring measures just 1.0 cm in length and width and weighs a mere 1.8 grams—the impact is nothing short of dazzling. These aren't just earrings; they're your new favourite charms for good fortune.

The four-leaf clover has stood as an emblem of luck for ages. By wearing these earrings, you're not just making a fashion statement, you're carrying a token of good luck wherever you go.

Perfect as a sentimental gift for someone special or as unique bridesmaids' favours, these gold-plated clover earrings are your go-to for style and serendipity.

Four Leaf Clover Stud Earrings Gold - LATELITA Earrings
Four Leaf Clover Stud Earrings Gold Sale price£69.00