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Evil Eye Pendant Necklace Large Blue Gold

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Make a statement with our beautiful Evil-Eye Pendant Necklace! This trendy piece of jewellery is just what you need to add a little sparkle to your look. Handcrafted with 925 sterling silver that has been dipped in 18ct gold, and an abundance of blue, white and yellow zirconia creating the protective evil eye that provides a magical feel.

Wearing an Evil Eye charm pendant is believed to offer additional protection. The charm is thought to deflect negative intentions and attract good luck. If someone looks at you with envy or malice, the charm is said to absorb their negative energy, safeguarding you from harm.

With an easy to wear chain length of 42cm to 45cm, due to the size adjuster, this Evil-Eye Pendant is lightweight at only 6.3 grams. The diameter of 2.8 cm will ensure this classy and fashionable piece will draw all eyes to you for the right reasons! Get this neckpiece today, you won't regret it!