July’s Birthstone - Ruby: A Charm of Passion and Confidence

Light and dark, love and anger, comfort and pain — all are common moods and feelings we may associate with the color red, and all contain, to varying degrees, the essential ingredient of passion. Heralded for centuries, from the metaphysical to the color itself, the birthstone of July, Ruby evokes passion at its core and in a variety of forms.

Latelita ruby gemstone july birthstone jewellery collection

History: The King Gemstone

Known for its flagrant color, the name Ruby, comes from the latin word ‘ruber’ which translates to red. Throughout history, the striking red of ruby has captivated human-beings and at one point, the stone was deemed ‘The king of jewels’ — as it’s name in ancient Sanskrit ‘ratnaraj’ translates to ‘king of precious stones’. In ancient civilizations, rubies were believed to grant protection and safety. Some cultures believed that the stone be worn on the left-side of the wearer, residing closest to their heart. The ancient Burmese believed this additional safety to be true so much so, that adorning their warriors with the precious stone wasn’t enough, they’d actually insert them into their flesh; infusing themselves with the stones' protective powers. Ancient Hindus would offer up rubies to the gods and by doing so, were believed to have been granted a high position in their next life.

Not to be confused with spinel, garnet, or tourmaline; it was only until the 1800s that rubies could be separated from these other red gemstones. In fact, many of the most famous ‘rubies’ were actually ‘fubies’ (false-rubies). Most notably the Timbur Ruby—a gift to Queen Victoria from the East India Company—it was previously known to be the world’s largest ruby and was later discovered to be a spinel.

Latelita ruby gemstone july birthstone jewellery collection

Reenergize With Ruby:

Analogous to their fiery red colour, rubies are known for their ability to reignite the flame within a person who's been feeling dispassionate or jaded. They are said to reconnect a persons’ spirit with their bodies and the physical world. For those of us who have or are still battling with society's slowdown and an increased time spent at home, allow the radiance of ruby jewellery to assist in reconnecting you to life’s pleasures, with gusto.

Both this re-connectedness with the physical and renewed passion can be attributed to ruby’s healing properties to both the heart and base chakras. With it’s healing of the heart chakra instilling confidence, stamina, and vitality; while in the case of the base chakra encouraging care towards physical wellbeing.

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Fueling Love’s Flame:

Considering how rubies enhance the drive for life within a person, it makes sense that they may also enhance the passion behind one’s love, going beyond their dazzling red hue—red also serving as the color most associated with love, from hearts to roses—and into the metaphysical, upping the drive for love. Historically, rubies alongside diamonds also served the purpose of being a symbol of engagement, where in an ancient custom engagement involved two rings: one with each stone. While diamonds are always a classy choice to give to a partner, whetherit's for an engagement, an anniversary, or a simple gesture of love: consider ruby. It doesn’t have to be July or Valentine's day for the red to sparkle, and the statement that the colour makes is sure to make the passion known.

Latelita ruby gemstone july birthstone jewellery collection

Red with Confidence:

Like most things red, ruby jewellery is sure to pop, but as the stone has been deemed ‘the king of precious stones’ its pop will exude regality. Dorothy’s ruby-encrusted slippers from The Wizard of Oz (1939) transformed her look from Kansas-farm-girl to queen-of-MunchkinLand. Although a classy pair of earrings or a charm will still appear modest, wearing ruby—as it corresponds with its metaphysical property—portrays an element of confidence in oneself. Whether going out for a summer spritz or simply making an effort to spice up your everyday look, let the red of ruby light up your confidence. Put it on, and don’t think twice about it.

Latelita ruby gemstone july birthstone jewellery collection