It’s said that green is the colour of envy, but August’ birthstone, Peridot, makes the case that it’s quite the opposite. From the soothingness of it’s olivine shimmer, to the healing properties of actually washing away a person’s jealousy. The brighter relative to Emerald makes for eye-catching eveningwear and a warming gift to those Leos and Virgos born in August.


peridot gemstone green august

The word peridot—correctly pronounced ‘pair-uh-dot’—comes from the french word peritôt, which means ‘unclear’. The earliest known record of this precious stone dates back to 1500 B.C. Egypt, where the ancients knew it as the jewel of the Sun. It now happens to be the country’s national gemstone. St. Johns Island (previously known as Topazo Island), is a mysterious island hidden in the Red Sea behind a curtain of thick fog. It was only rediscovered by explorers in 1905, and it was here that the ancient Egyptians would mine heaps of peridot day-and-night; a task only possible as a result of the bright gleam the gemstone gives off when kissed by light.

The most common, natural formation of peridot is by magma being brought up to the Earth’s surface as a result of volcanic and tectonic activity. In Hawaii—known for its history of regular volcanic activity—natives would find tiny pieces of peridot after eruptions, believing them to be tears of the volcano goddess Pele. When placed in gold, they are once again viewed as these tears. A rarer formation is found in meteorites, as Peridot is the only known gem retrieved from once burning meteors that’s big enough to be worn in jewellery.


Peridot has long been considered a gem with highly beneficial metaphysical and healing properties. When set in gold (continuing the tradition that the Haiwaiians hold), the light is said to achieve its complete form and the ability to ward off evils of the night, such as nightmares or terrors. Likely a result of it’s warming charm, the bright green of peridot is said to heal bruised or damaged egos; cleansing the wearer of jealousy and opening them up to acceptance. No longer should envy or resentment be a problem — though they may be to the haters taken aback by the gem’s beauty.


If green is the way to the heart, well, the shimmering green of peridot is actually connected to the heart: by chakra. As the chakra which controls the aspects of life we either resist or embrace, it’s important to keep our heart chakras in check. When out of balance, an unregulated heart chakra can drive us to be irritated by everyday life and overreact more easily.


Peridot olive green gemstone august birthstone


If your partner is hurt or easily sensitive, try brightening them up with peridot’s alleviating green. With the noted benefits that the gemstone has on dissipating negative emotions like jealousy as well as anger, it makes for a soothing gift to a partner — helping to ease any hot tempers and past traumas. Aesthetically, the green of peridot is a stylish choice for dressing up in the evening, not unlike its darker cousin emerald, providing additional charm when gifted on a romantic occasion. It also serves traditionally as the gift for a couples’ 16th anniversary, a period where the soothing of tempers just might come in handy. When looked at practically, gifting a loved-one peridot is a win-win for both partners in a relationship, because when one side is happy it tends to lighten up the other.

peridot green stud earrings latelita jewellery


Stand out and turn heads with the lime hue of peridot, but not in a manner that’s intimidating. Although this is a gem of royalty—some historians even believe that the emeralds in Cleopatra’s collection were actually peridot—the olive-green it possesses has a friendly allure to it, a colour residing closer to nature. Due to this gem’s unique ability to retain said colour at all times of the day, it functions well in the evening when other stones may darken. Not only does it retain its gleam but it helps the wearer to retain theirs. Style it with gold for a perfect color combination and the compliments are sure to follow.