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Odette Teardrop Tanzanite Earrings Silver

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Step into the world of enchantment with the Odette Teardrop Tanzanite Earrings, exquisitely crafted from luminous 925 sterling silver. These captivating drop earrings feature a charming design with two teardrop silhouettes, each delicately linked at their tapered ends. Nestled within these elegant frames are mesmerizing lab-created Tanzanite stones, each encased in a sparkling embrace of zirconia, ensuring every turn of your head catches the light.

The earrings, with their dimensions of 3.0cm in length and 1.0cm in width, and a total weight of 6.0 grams, promise both presence and comfort. Tanzanite, a gemstone known for its striking blue-violet hues, carries a wealth of meaning. It is celebrated for its qualities of intuition, communication, and spiritual awareness, making it a deeply significant and personal piece.

Notably, Tanzanite is also the birthstone for December, rendering these earrings a perfect and thoughtful gift for those celebrating their special day in the heart of winter. The Odette Teardrop Tanzanite Earrings are more than just an accessory; they are a treasure that weaves together beauty, depth, and personal expression.

Odette Teardrop Tanzanite Earrings Silver
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