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Sofia Moissanite Statement Necklace Silver

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Introducing the Sofia Moissanite Statement Necklace in Silver - a true masterpiece for those who cherish elegance and sustainability. Crafted with precision from 925 sterling silver, this necklace is a symphony of sparkle, designed to catch every glint of light. Measuring 46cm in length, it drapes gracefully around the neck, with an additional 4.5cm drop that demands attention.

At the heart of this drop lies the crown jewel, a lab-grown teardrop Moissanite, a generous 1.5cm in length and 1.0cm in width, exuding unmatched radiance. The necklace is adorned along its entire length with an array of meticulously cut Moissanites, in teardrop, round, and heart shapes, each reflecting light in a dance of brilliance. Weighing in at 35.4 grams and with a box and tongue fastener, the necklace sits comfortably, making it perfect for extended wear during those moments that matter most.

Moissanites, known for their exceptional brilliance and sparkle, are contenders that give diamonds a serious run for their money. This piece is more than just jewellery; it's a statement of style, sustainability, and sheer brilliance.

Whether stepping out for a special occasion or walking down the aisle, the Sofia Moissanite Statement Necklace is your go-to for making a memorable impression. It's not just an accessory; it's a declaration of grace and a nod to the future of luxury.

Sofia Moissanite Statement Necklace Silver
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