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Zsa Zsa Statement Necklace Silver Morganite

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Introducing the Zsa Zsa Statement Necklace, now featuring the captivating allure of Morganite. This luxurious piece is a must-have for fashion enthusiasts. Although not an actual birthstone, Morganite is a zodiac stone for Libra, encouraging focus on balance and relationships.

Crafted with finesse from 925 sterling silver, it showcases an exquisite array of lab-grown Morganite and simulated diamonds. These gemstones are intricately arranged in a mix of colour and shapes, including oval, round, and teardrop shapes, creating a mesmerizing effect. The necklace's standout feature is a beautifully cut rectangular Morganite, measuring 0.8cm in length and 0.6cm in width, adding a unique charm to the piece.

With a total length of 42cm and an additional graceful 3cm drop at the front, the necklace weighs 27.6 grams, balancing luxury with comfort. It's an impeccable choice for elevating your style at any prestigious event.