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Bamboo Hoop with Ruby Earrings Gold

Sale price787,00 kr

Hello gorgeous! Are you ready to join the fashion revolution with these Bamboo Hoop with Ruby Earrings? Handcrafted with 925 sterling silver dipped in 18ct gold, these hoop earrings are designed to look like bamboo, but they sure don’t feel like it.

A small, detachable, rectangular lab-created gemstone dangles provocatively below the hoop for a little shimmer of colour. But if some days you feel like a change, just take off the gemstone and enjoy a plain hoop. It’s fastened by an easy post fastening, so you won’t be fumbling trying to put them on but they will feel secure in your ears.

The ruby is the birthstone for July. The ruby is a symbol of love, passion and power and is said to bring courage, confidence and good fortune to its wearer.

With a diameter of 1.4cm and total length of 2.2cm including the gemstone drop, these are lightweight (at only 2.1 grams!) and will have you forgetting you’re even wearing them! Get ready show your best friend some serious jewellery envy!

Bamboo Hoop with Ruby Earrings Gold - LATELITA Earrings
Bamboo Hoop with Ruby Earrings Gold Sale price787,00 kr