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Autumn is in the air and Mercury in retrograde, as we head into a change in climate, what better way to keep the colours of spring and summer alive than with the gemstones we wear? That’s where the birthstones of October come in, Pink Tourmaline and its rosy hue, and Opal with its mystical luminosity.

Pink Tourmaline Gemstone Necklace

Pink Tourmaline History & Formation:

Formed from pegmatites deep under the ground, the beloved shade of pink we so desire in our Tourmalines is a result of a long process of irradiation. Long renowned in modern cultures for being a stone of love and compassion, across history the gem held various meanings throughout different cultures. In Africa, pink tourmalines were believed to awaken people from the dream of illusion and in the 18th century, a dutch scientist believed them to cause sleep when wrapped in silk and placed upon one’s cheek. Alchemists tied them to the philosopher’s stone — the ultimate material which grants enlightenment among other powers to the beholder.

Emphasizing self-love:

Supercharged with love, pink tourmaline is more than just a stone related to the ‘love’ we associate with romance, but also our own self-love. In challenging emotional periods (like mercury being in retrograde right now), the electricity of pink tourmaline serves as a trusty medicine for heavy hearts and all things anxiety. This could be a result of pink tourmaline often-times naturally forming within quartz — a known amplifier of gemstones. Whether dealing with heartbreak or facing moments of self-doubt, a little Pink Tourmaline on your person may just do the trick to ease that.

Pink Tourmaline October Birthstone Gemstone Earrings Rosegold Latelita

Healer of the heart:

As they’re known for bringing love and light into the life of their bearer, Pink Tourmalines are healers of the heart chakra and function well when placed upon the breastbone. The heart chakra regulates our interaction with the outside world and how we manoeuvre between accepting and resisting factors. Use Pink Tourmaline, in this case, to recalibrate this sensation and maintain a balanced flow between your inner self and the world.

Pink Tourmaline October Birthstone Gemstone Bracelet Rosegold Latelita

The romantic gem you’ve been hoping for:

If you’re interested in showing appreciation to a partner or loved one but don’t quite fancy diamonds, then Pink Tourmaline makes for a perfect choice. They’re a notable token of love and a symbol of the heart with their valentine pink shine. In addition, they can instil compassion in a relationship and assist in healing any emotional barriers between two partners.

Pink Tourmaline October Birthstone Gemstone Drop Large Earring Latelita

Make a statement in Pink:

There’s plenty of ways to style your pink tourmaline jewellery, the important note is that the pink will shine and it won’t go unnoticed. What's nice is that this lovely rose hue can be worn in a proper, elegant manner for a warm autumnal dinner, but also paired nicely with casual, comfortable or even edgier looks as your daily outerwear pieces begin to make their appearances.

Opal: The Mysterious October Birthstone

While Pink Tourmaline is the stone of the heart, how could we forget Opal? October’s second birthstone; mysterious, multi-coloured and known as the stone of the eye. Historically, it was believed to soothe and heal one’s eyes from diseases and other ailments. Rome’s Pliny The Elder cherished the gem for its combination of Emerald’s green, Amethyst’s purple, and the red of Garnet.

Opal Hamsa Hand Hamza Pendant Necklace Rosegold Latelita

This powerful and mysterious gem is known to reflect one’s emotions and inner feelings as it does light, getting to the core parts of the hidden self that may have been packed away. While surely a difficult feat, it can be healthy to let go of negative traits, but only after giving them attention — opal works as the mediator for doing so. In regards to chakras, Opals can actually stimulate several points as a result of their multi-coloured glimmer, connecting them all to the crown chakra.

Opal Stud Earrings October Birthstone Jewellery Gift Ideas Latelita

When styling Opal, consider utilizing their mysticism and tantalizing gaze — it’s true that during a period in history these gems were avoided for being tied to mishaps and mysterious fatalities. Of course, part of the appeal of opals is the almost otherworldly energy they possess and the depth they travel to within a person. By wearing opal, you’re communicating a certain panache, one that’ll draw eyes and surely attract mystery

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