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Article: Top Valentine's Day Date Ideas that Won't Break the Bank

Top Valentine's Day Date Ideas that Won't Break the Bank - LATELITA

Top Valentine's Day Date Ideas that Won't Break the Bank

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and if you're like most people, you're probably wondering how to make the day special without spending a lot of money. Well, never fear! Here are 10 great date ideas that won't cost you an arm and a leg. So get out there and enjoy your Valentine's Day!

Cook dinner at home - it's cheaper than going out, and you can get creative with the menu

Home cooking totally wins over going out to eat in so many ways: It's cheaper, you get to choose the menu, and it's a great way to be creative in the kitchen. Need some inspiration? Try a theme night; Mexican food one week, Italian the next – let your imagination have some fun! And since you're already at home, why not put on your favourite tunes while you cook? Make dinner time fun and cozy. With a little effort and creativity, dinner at home can turn into a delicious adventure every night!

Meze feast for valentines day date

Cook up an intimate meze feast perfect for sharing courtesy of Ottolenghi Flavour Cookbook 

Latelita Arabian Nights Earrings

What to wear? Arabian night earrings to complement the theme

Have a picnic in the park - weather permitting, of course

Picnics are such a wonderful way to spend intimate time with your partner, and what better place to do so than in the park? With great weather permitting, you can enjoy the feel of sunshine on your skin and the fresh air, surrounded by beautiful greenery. Prepare a nice spread of your favourite dishes and bring along a blanket to cuddle up on.

Picnic basket and blanket

Head to Kew Gardens to for extra privacy, vast aches and exotic flowers.

 Bouquet and pearl stud earrings

What to wear? Think pretty and chic with our bouquet and pearl stud earrings

Go for a walk or hike together - nature is free and beautiful

Going for a walk or hike together with a loved one can be such an enjoyable activity. Not only are you free to explore nature and take in all its beauty, but you can also bond with the person walking alongside you. You never know what hidden wildlife you'll discover or get to hear stories from the past while spending quality time together. Whether it's your first time or you're an old hand at the trails, there will always be something new around the corner - things that aren't in any guidebook. Nature is free and so full of rich experiences, making it the perfect place to share memories with a special person in your life.

Two ladies hiking on a date

Whether our in nature or an urban hike, as long as you're together (and have good shoes!) you'll have an amazing day.

Tree of life sterling silver necklace

What to gift? Our tree of life necklace will get you back to nature

Make each other homemade Valentine's Day cards

If you want to find a meaningful way to celebrate Valentine's Day, consider making homemade cards for each other. Not only will this be a more personal gesture than buying a store-bought card, it'll also give your partner an extra special keepsake they can cherish forever. Have fun with it - pick out the brightest and most cheerful paper you can find then dig out that unused box of art supplies and get creative. Hand-drawn hearts, little love notes - it's up to you how you choose to express your affection. And if you're feeling really bold, nothing says love like a finger painting! Whichever method you choose, your partner is sure to feel the love in your heartfelt message. 

Go stargazing together

Gaze up at the stars with your loved one and let nature's beauty take your breath away. Whether it's from a secluded beach, a mountaintop, or even your own backyard, it's sure to be a special moment that you both will never forget. Stargazing is also a great opportunity for conversation - share your dreams and fantasies, tell stories about when you were young, or just enjoy each other's presence under the night sky. Maybe even try to spot a few constellations or comets! However you choose to spend it, just remember that the universe is a reminder of how much beauty and mystery can be found in the world. And adding your special someone to this experience only makes it all the more magical.

 star gazing couple

From your backyard to the great outdoors, set up camp with a bottle of wine and relax in each others company.

petite star burst earrings 

What to wear? Petite star burst earrings available in gold, rose gold and sterling silver.

We hope you got some inspiration for Valentines Day ideas that wont break the bank.


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