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Article: Taurus Season

Taurus Season - LATELITA

Taurus Season

Latelita Taurus Zodiac Constellation Jewellery Collection

Taurus Season

Persistent, dedicated, bold, and charmingly stubborn — Taurus season is upon us as of April 14th, with Venus the planet of love and the planetary ruler of Taurus entering the sign of the bull. Though Taurus doesn’t officially begin it’s segment of the zodiac calendar until April 19th, when both the Sun and Mercury enter as well.

Latelita lapis lazuli Taurus gemstone pendant necklace gold

April of 2021

While the beginning of the month may be an emotional period full of self-reflection for Taurus—as the New Moon is in Aries on April 11th—once Taurus season enters the zodiac calendar midway through the month it’ll be an exciting period, filled with energy and treating oneself. Towards the end of the month a Scorpio Full Moon should then bring about a focus on relationships and responsibilities for Taurus to make real-life decisions.

Latelita lapis lazuli Taurus gemstone pendant necklace gold

It’s your time, so spoil yourself with a period of relaxation and delve into the luxuries that your sign is known for appreciating after periods of hard labor: like a piece from the zodiac jewellery collection to celebrate yourself.

Latelita lapis lazuli Taurus gemstone pendant necklace gold

Taurus, The Bull of The Sky Anyone born between April 20th and May 19th is a Taurus — an earth sign with a fixed modality, granting those born under this constellation stability. Like the bull that represents them, Taurus is known for the tendency to be hardworking, dedicated, enduring, and pragmatic. They’re not the type others want to challenge, as 9 times out of 10 they’ll end up with the upper hand. While of course always ‘winning’ is fun for Taurus, it’s especially helpful considering their stubborn attitude (a sometimes negative characteristic) as things are oftentimes their way or the highway.

Lovers of consistency and perfection, not so much change or authority Staying true to their stable and persistent attributes, Taurus likes things to be consistent as opposed to being readily open to change — this can lead them to be great organizers and decorators. On top of this they are often-times perfectionists; a double-edged-sword when it comes to having high standards in life but standards that may be difficult to satisfy. The perfectionism plays along with their love of all things luxury and fine. Still, when a Taurus decides on someone or something, it’s because they’re entirely sure of themselves and they’re ready to fully commit to it because it lives up to their high standards.

 “Whatever anyone does or says, I must be emerald and keep my color.” - Philosopher, Marcus Aurelius

Latelita Taurus gemstone bracelet gold jewellery collection

Birthstone: Emerald

The gemstone of your zodiac is Emerald: the jewel of Cleopatra, renowned for the luxurious beauty that exudes it’s uniquely captivating hue of green. Venus, who can’t seem to stop tying herself to Taurus, is also linked to emerald, making the stone a match made in heaven for getting into the heart of the often difficult to impress bulls. Whether treating a Taurus you know or the Taurus that you are, an emerald necklace or set earrings will easily compliment their elevated taste and occasional stubbornness — as the stone is known for its properties of peacefulness and prosperity.

May birthstone gemstone emerald natural slice latelita jewellery

Taurus, Romance, & Companionship

Despite their picky nature, the list of ideal companions for Taurus is rather long, consisting of: Cancer, Scorpio, Virgo, Capricorn, and of course, Taurus. By having Venus the planet of love as the dominant planet of their sign, Taureans aren’t timid when faced with romance — then again, they’re not timid in most scenarios! While they might be difficult to ease into any full on relationships, once they eventually open up, Taurus makes for one of the most loyal companions both romantic and platonic. As lovers of the finer things in life, they appreciate being appreciated and to be spoiled; a personalised gift might do the trick.

Iconic Taureans

Bold Yet Tasteful Provocateurs The list of notable Taureans who’ve gone down in history isn’t short, and stylistically there’s an interesting combination of icons tied together by one common thread: their persistence.

Similarly to their birthstone emerald, their unique beauty stands out amongst the rest in a dreamy and always tasteful manner. From the impeccable dedication to sartorial elegance of Audrey Hepburn (not to mention her affinity for diamond jewels), to the experimentation of grunge and ab-flashing looks by Janet Jackson, here we find two women who in very different styles have remained true to their own image. Lest we forget Dennis Rodman, the NBA’s style icon of the 90’s whose commitment to only ever pushing-the-envelope with his looks is still highly referenced today, even by another contemporary Taurus celebrity: rapper Travis Scott.

Additional iconic Taureans include:

Gigi Hadid — At only 25 she’s remained one of fashion and modeling’s it-girls for the last 6-7 years, and in 2016 was awarded International Model of the Year by the British Fashion Council. In pure bull-headed Taurus fashion, she famously confronted and stopped a woman crashing the runway while she was mid-walk

Cher — Who’s contribution to style managed to break boundaries all throughout the latter half of the 20th century.

Adele — The ever-so-talented female pop-singer who won 15 Grammys without ever going against her artistic integrity.



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