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Article: April's Birthstone - Diamond, all you need to know!

April's Birthstone - Diamond, all you need to know!

As the month of April is in full effect, spring is now fully upon us in the northern hemisphere, with flowers blooming and brighter days ahead, it's quite timely that diamond, the symbol of light and clarity, known for its cleansing properties is this month’s gemstone.

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How are diamonds formed?

A lot has to happen before the diamonds we love and cherish can finally grace our jewellery; made of pure carbon, these precious gems are formed after billions of years of resting 100 miles beneath the ground within the Earth’s mantle, under extreme heat and pressure. 

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Diamonds, throughout history

The oldest history of diamonds dates back to India, where they are believed to have first been gathered from streams. Ancient Hindus believed the precious gem was created when lightning strikes a rock, thus linking diamonds to objects of protection, that would summon lighting when needed. The word ‘diamond’ derives from the Greek word ‘adamas’ which means invincible, a direct reference to the hardness of diamonds and the magical protection they believed the gem granted. We could say the Greeks were on to something, as we now know that diamonds are the most indestructible mineral there is. The Romans believed Cupid, the god of love’s arrows were tipped with a diamond, and they would carry them into battle.

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Diamonds as spiritual Cleansers

As cleansers of the negative energy that surrounds one’s aura, the sense of clarity that diamonds bring to life is meant to wash away feelings of confusion, lack of self-worth and uncertainty around one’s identity. A timely link to the month of April and the resurgence of light that accompanies spring after winter's gloom.

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Emotional Amplifiers

Whether feeling ecstatic or upset, diamonds amplify the emotional states of their wearers rather than directly changing them. It's helpful to be aware of this if you’re feeling highly emotional as wearing a diamond bracelet around your wrist may be similar to wearing your heart on your sleeve but don’t shy away from putting on your jewellery, or embracing your emotions.

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There’s no such thing as too many diamonds

When approaching diamond jewellery and dress, there’s no limitations on when to wear and how to style it. Popular rappers and celebrities have since broken all of the rules and become diamond maximalists, thus paving the way for anybody to flaunt their ‘ice’ as they please. Even this year in 2021, popular rapper Lil Uzi Vert notoriously went the extra mile by having a diamond attached to his forehead.

Elevate your look: from the workplace to a night out While by no means nobody has to wear diamonds excessively, it’s always nice to spice up your looks—both casual and dressed up—with the right touch of diamond jewellery. And as we’re all optimistic for an approaching roaring 20’s and for the pandemics end, it's certain that many of us are looking forward to getting dressed up and going out once more. Diamonds are a great space to have fun with enhancing your look and even if you don’t have plans to go out anytime soon, they still compliment both the most casual looks and those workplace fits.

Come Discover

It’s rather poetic, that carbon—the 2nd most abundant element—transforms into the most precious and indestructible of gems while under immense heat and pressure. A gem which is symbolic with fearlessness, acts of love and matrimony, as well as clarity. We could say the same about people, that it is only times of difficulty and under pressure that we unlock our potential. With spring in full effect, lockdown lifts on the horizon, and the beginning of a new decade; let the spiritual, emotional, and luxurious properties of diamonds wash away the negative gloom while enhancing both our emotions and our outfits.

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