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It’s primetime October and as we make our way through the spooky season, what better zodiac sign to report on than the spookiest of them all — Scorpio. Mysterious and highly unpredictable, this powerful water sign is truly one of the many fascinating seasons in the astrological calendar.

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Scorpio, this is your time. After coming out of a likely emotional and confusing period of Mercury in retrograde, welcome the change and a Full Moon in Aries on October 20—this means a moment to take action in all areas of your life—which is sure to make sense considering the heavy reflecting you recently endured. Then, on October 23, it's time to really come into the confident nature you hold within, as your birthday finally begins! Congrats on another birthday and making it through a rollercoaster of a year Scorpio. This is your time to shine, so celebrate yourself with a piece from our zodiac jewellery collection because your sign is truly something to show off.


“I’m either going to go completely bankrupt, or have the best success of my life,” said Katy Perry, one of many iconic Scorpios. And in true fashion of the zodiac’s scorpion in the stars, Perry lets her passion and determination known. Famous for being mysterious and almost on another plane when compared to the rest of the star signs, the character traits of Scorpios contain an immense range. With the most renowned trait being their powerful ambition; when they know what they want, you’d best stay out of their way and let them get the job done.

Another fantastic trait they possess is their honesty, which results in Scorpios oftentimes being way over on the alternative side of culture, rather than following the masses. This too flows seemingly with their intuition and emotional connectedness. These creatures are deeply moved by their emotions which adds to their mysteriousness and unpredictability.

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Well-known when it comes to zodiac traits, it's the ones we cherish most that may be double-edged or play into the inner challenges we face, and Scorpios are no exception to this. That passion, determination, and emotion which others envy can also lead to controlling tendencies in those born under this sign. It’s not because they want to be difficult, but because they care that much, we understand Scorpio. But while your conviction is one of your greatest and most reliable assets, sometimes letting go and allowing other forces to take control is the greatest way to show the control you have over yourself.

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Lovers and those who find themselves fancying a Scorpio better buckle up if they haven’t already because they love to push the envelope in all aspects of life — especially when it comes to romance. Known for being both experimental and adventurous, don’t be surprised if your Scorpio date decides to ditch the horror movie for an intimate trip to an actual haunted house or an abandoned building. Those who bear this sign are well-known for being closed-off and getting them to let someone in can be a real challenge. Though once in, they won’t want to

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leave as there's never a dull moment when dating a Scorpio. If you’re looking to crack that scorpion’s shell: consider gifting them a piece from our zodiac jewellery collection, or even one of their special birthstones (Sapphire or Topaz depending on the month they were born).


With its gold hue, Topaz has been adored by mankind over the centuries — its soothing energy bringing people to see through the fogginess in life. Not unlike Scorpios, Topaz promotes honesty and self-realization; the only difference being this stone also encourages openness in a person. This can be very beneficial for Scorpios who struggle with opening up. On top of this, Topaz’s sun-kissed shine cleanses the negative aura around the wearer, opening up any dark clouds that may be shrouding the positive energy. Topaz serves as the birthstone for November, for those Scorpios born in October, take a look at our post on Opal & Pink Tourmaline! The two healing birthstones of your month.

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It seems the determination in Scorpios really shows, what with the lengthy list of icons and go-getters who are not only passionate in their careers but stand out in their discipline. From contemporary names like Lorde and Leonardo DiCaprio to legendary 20th-century painter Pablo Picasso — there’s fascinating energy about Scorpios that's vacant in other signs.

Pablo Picasso: A true Scorpio and the most popular name tied to cubism. He is praised, being one of the most esteemed names in art history and a true innovator — creating and challenging artistic movements, always instilling his own deep sense of style into each of the works he created.

Lorde: She’s about as unconventional a pop star as they get and her latest album Solar Power released this past summer. In 2014 at the age of 17, she won the grammy for song of the year. While her music is nearly inescapable on the radio and inside of shopping centres, she (in Scorpio fashion), has managed to remain highly elusive on all other fronts.

SZA: Known by her stage name pronounced “SIZ-uh” Solána Imani Rowe has shaped the sound of today’s R&B, notably with her song “Good Days”, a jazzy vibe that’ll have even the stiffest of the stiffs bobbing their heads. Keep an ear out, as she’s stated new music is on the way. But with a Scorpio’s control, it’ll surely come down to her decision which could very well be tomorrow, or in another year.

Some other notable Scorpios include: Kendall Jenner, Drake, Alexa Chung, Willow Smith and Winona Ryder

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