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Article: Our wedding shop is here: explore a range of wedding jewellery just as restrictions get lifted

Our wedding shop is here: explore a range of wedding jewellery just as restrictions get lifted - LATELITA

Our wedding shop is here: explore a range of wedding jewellery just as restrictions get lifted

Two partners in life bring together those closest to them as they embark on what may be the first day of the rest of their lives, committing themselves to one another until death does them part. It’s a centuries-old ceremonial tradition that you’ve most likely fantasized about since you were a kid. And at last, as of July 19, weddings can return to full-form in all their beauty with masks no longer being a mandate!


It’s been an exhausting not-so-glamorous year of sweatpants and zoom calls, so transitioning from everyday life to the aisle is more satisfying than ever. To celebrate this return, we’ve launched our new bridal collection which includes a range of wedding jewellery for everyone to get the pictures they’ll be holding onto—and Instagramming—into the distant future. From a variety of moods to satisfy the different tastes of brides out there; to bridesmaid gifts, cufflinks for the grooms and the glamour of the guests — we love being a part of your special day.

Find the bridal jewellery that’ll best compliment YOUR look:

While being the star of the show is a dream come true, being the bride is also hard work since you want your wedding to be ‘perfect’, but deciding on a look is where you can lower your guard and have fun with planning this momentous occasion. Although wedding dresses play an important role, we can’t forget about the cherry on top that’ll complete your finest outfit: bridal jewellery.

Dazzle when walking down the aisle with silver sparkly or keep it even more classic with pearls. For the alternative brides’ consider something new, something blue, and a range of other colours that speak to you. Whether it be for a Cinderella statement or a modest look closer to nature, explore a range of bridal jewellery that’ll have you not only looking your best — but more importantly, feeling your best.

LATELITA bridal wedding jewellery collection earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets

Bridesmaid gifts to hold onto:

Although the bride and groom take priority at the stand of the altar, they’re not alone up there. Both the bridesmaids and groomsmen play an honourable position in looking their part while backing up the dearly beloved. Serving up creative ideas for bridesmaid gifts: explore our selection of talismans, hearts, and gemstone bracelets to match the colour of the bridal party and tie in a unique style that’s sure to be distinctive. If you’re keeping it simple, maybe just focus on colour; but if your heart is set on something even rarer, then consider an eccentric symbol. Either way, both ideas serve as charming examples of gifts with meaning.

Enhance your sartorial staples:

For the trusted groomsmen, add just the right amount of flair to those suits with jewelled and stylized cufflinks. As the best men, we also want you looking your best, and cufflinks can go a long way: from being at the side of the groom to heading out for a night on the scene. Adorning the true blue of lapis lazuli will catch eyes and exude eclectic taste, or if you’re going for the subtle flex, go off with rubies and diamonds. Of course, if jewels aren’t the vibe, try the silver-engraved wolfpack with the rest of the groomsmen, the perfect symbolic accent to showcase loyalty amongst a crew.

Glamour for the guests:

Without stealing the show, as a guest, attending a wedding is the perfect opportunity to indulge in new jewellery and experiment with statement styles that you’d otherwise not go out of the way for. After all, being a guest at a wedding is not an everyday occasion. After the reclusiveness of the last year, what better moment to be dressed up in front of the camera for a memorable picture, than a wedding recently liberated from restrictions? For this, let loose and spice up your best outfits with eccentric touches of glamour that’ll let the venue know you're delighted to be in attendance. With baroque pearls, you’ll exude both class and boldness — channelling the energy of the roaring ‘20s. If you’re feeling more psychedelic, try out turquoise or our northern star burst multi-coloured earrings and you’ll surely be glowing.

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