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As we celebrate the king of gemstones Ruby, the birthstone of July and a symbol of confidence and passion with its lustful red colour that’s reminiscent of summer’s heat; in the latter half of the month, we come to celebrate the zodiac birthday with a similar aura: Leo. Symbolized by the lion formation of stars in the sky.

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Leo Season is Upon Us

Confident, passionate and ever-so determined, congrats on another year Leo; cheers to you as the sun—which happens to be your planetary ruler *wink*—enters into your chart as of July 22nd. Take a much needed summer break and indulge in a bit of life’s luxuries—as you’re known for enjoying—after a whirlwind of a year and the stresses of a recent mercury in retrograde. Shortly after your season begins, it just so happens that on the 23rd of July the moon will align in direct opposition to the sun, creating a full moon in Aquarius. Revel in this moment and use it to ignite the confidence which lays deep within you. Finishing off the month starting on July 28th and continuing until December 28th, Jupiter will transition into Aquarius. This signifies a creation of bonds and the formation of new agreements in the life of Leo; while it’s true you may be a hungry lion, keep in mind not to bite off more than you can chew in this regard. Spoil yourself or a Leo you know with a piece from our zodiac jewellery collection as one thing’s for certain; lions delight in looking proud.

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Kings of the Jungle and the Zodiac

‘I spend a lot of time with a crown on my head’, said Halle Berry, a famous Leo who, in a handful of words, basically summed up what it means to be born under the star sign of the lion. Known for their loyalty, determination, strong-will and confidence; Leos ultimately stand-out from the other zodiacs with their fiery passion. As all of these traits culminate, we find Leos to be outgoing, natural-born leaders who tend to not only stand-out from the crowd; but lead and inspire them.

An Abundance of Passion and Self-Belief Of course, as with all of the zodiacs, their most revered traits are never so simple and one-sided; Leo’s passion and will are such traits. Driven by the boundless passion within themselves and their determination for success, Leos’ confidence comes as a complimentary and almost necessary trait. But this cocktail can go from charmer to problematic if overdone, and while confidence is admirable: arrogance is less so. Nonetheless, Leos’ typically remain charming and their conviction and forward-looking mentality is indeed something to be proud of. It’s most likely that we’ve all been inspired by a Leo more than a handful of times.

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Leos, Romance & Companionship

Making for great companions, Leos love to love and their partners' happiness fuels their happiness. This can all play into boosting their natural-state of confidence and to their satisfaction, boosting the confidence of their loved ones. Like the kings and queens they are, they’re proud of their appearance, connoisseurs of the finer things in life and take pride in beingseen with their partners. Consider charming the charmer by treating them with a piece of their birthstone jewellery: either Ruby for those born in July or Peridot for those born in August.

Peridot: The Leo Birthstone That Soothes

It works perfectly that Peridot is the main birthstone for Leos born in August, as this ancient and mysterious gem is known for its benefits of bringing calm and peace to the wearer — harmonizing both the mind and body. This makes for a great combination with Leo’s passionate lifestyle and helps to soothe the stressfulness of standing out. Otherwise, for Leos born in July, Ruby serves as their birthstone and functions opposite to Peridot, amplifying that passion and taking the wearer to new heights.

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Iconic Leos:

famous Leos Dua Lipa, Madonna, Meghan Markle

When it comes to iconic Leos, the list goes on, upholding the ‘stand-out’ trait typically associated with the sign. Ground-breaking fashion designers like Coco Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent may represent the quintessential creativity of lions. While controversial iconoclasts from Madonna to Meghan Markle represent their strong conviction and belief in themselves. Lest we forget their charismatic leadership qualities, as seen in Barack Obama, another Leo.

Dua Lipa — The Future Nostalgia pop sensation, well-known for her hits such as ‘Don’t Start Now’, ‘IDGAF’, and ‘One Kiss’, with Calvin Harris, is looked to the world over as a trendsetter for her moody and bold, perfectly imperfect looks.

Madonna — Arguably the archetype for the modern-day pop star, not a lot needs to be said to note her success and relevancy. From her 7 Grammys and a long list of hits to making the cone bra famous and continually shocking with her wardrobe revamps and stunts, she embodies Leo persona.

Meghan Markle — Regularly in the tabloids, but seemingly this year more than ever when the media exploded over her Oprah interview; while opinions regarding the duchess of Sussex may vary, she is proof of Leos’ ‘against-the-grain’, personality and strong-willed nature

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