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Article: Gemini Season - Famous Geminis, character traits and horoscopes

Gemini Season - Famous Geminis, character traits and horoscopes - LATELITA

Gemini Season - Famous Geminis, character traits and horoscopes

Gemini Season

Gemini zodiac jewellery collection gifts for May and June birthdays

Energetic and oh so unpredictable, as of May 21st gear-up for the latest astrological birthday we’re celebrating: Gemini! The third star sign on the calendar, known famously for the twins that represent it.

Happy Birthday, Gemini

Congrats on another year around the sun to our Gemini family, we’re sure you’ve had a pleasant May thus far, with Jupiter in Pisces luck should’ve been on your side and in your career. Truly a cause for celebration, pop some champagne and treat yourself or the Geminis closest to you with some of life’s pleasantries. Try to do so sooner rather than later, and before May 29th because Mercury (the planet which rules over Gemini) goes into retrograde. This entails it’s going to be a bit of a rollercoaster ride and the twins may undergo some personal growth. But no need to worry! Following this period you’ll emerge a re-energized battery with a fresh perspective. Growth is something to be proud of and so is being born under Gemini, explore items from our zodiac jewellery collection and let the world know you’re proud to be born under one of the rarest signs in the zodiac.

Gemini zodiac pendant necklace white mother of pearl rosegold Latelita

Gemini: The World is Your Playground

“All I can do is be me, whoever that is,” said Bob Dylan, touché Mr. Dylan, a Gemini himself. This quote likely resonates with those born under the sign between May 21st and June 21st or those closest to any. Notorious for their surprises and the way they can change on a dime, it's true that you never really know a Gemini and surely they surprise themselves more often than not. What makes them so surprising is their adaptability and curiosity, complimented by the enthusiasm they possess. This cocktail of traits makes for great travellers, topped off with boosted intellect, as Gemini’s are splendid connoisseurs of life; knowledgeable and eager for new experiences.

Just like you can’t have one twin without the other, the traits we glorify about Geminis can’t come without their double-edge. In certain instances, while their known intellect is impressive, it can sometimes serve as a hindrance and reason for their over-analyzation of things; snowballing into indecision. Additionally, that adaptability which comes with a pleasant sprinkle of spontaneity may also lead to risky decision-making or outbursts. Nonetheless, we love you twins, whether it's taking your sweet time to analyze which appetizers you fancy, or deciding to order them all to the table's surprise.

Gemini Latelita Zodiac Necklace Silver White jewellery

Birthstone: Moonstone

A guiding light infused with the mystical energy of the moon; Moonstone serves as the birthstone for Gemini and a powerful compass for navigating one’s inner-self (*ahem*) this might come in handy for when Mercury enters into retrograde. Consider a piece of moonstone jewellery to help navigate this strenuous period. The gem’s metaphysical properties include uplifting positive spirits, manifesting intentions, and enhancing the feminine energy of the beholder. Symbolic with fertility and sensuality, moonstone’s link to a person’s inner goddess issaid to be helpful throughout the stages of pregnancy and giving birth, or for men interested in connecting with their feminine side.

Moonstone Latelita Stud Earrings Rose gold Gemstone

Geminis, Romance & Companionship

As a result of their excitement for life and versatile nature, Gemini’s make for adventurous universe partners to travel the world with and discover the joys that life has to offer. When dating a Gemini don’t expect to always go on the ordinary dinner date you might be used to, but instead on trips and outings to places abundant in character. Lovers of surprises and easily plagued by boredom, it certainly helps to keep your Gemini partner going with acts of love and effort. For this, consider a necklace or charm from our zodiac jewellery collection: a timely gift that’s sure to keep their fire burning.

Iconic Geminis

When examining the Gemini style icons in popular culture, there’s no lacking in personality or spirit. From the original it-girl Marilyn Monroe in the ‘50s, the peace poets of the ‘70s such as Bob Dylan and Stevie Nicks, to talents from the ‘90s & ‘00s like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Naomi Campbell, Lauryn Hill, and Kanye West. One thing is for sure, Geminis make waves when serving up looks. They don’t follow the latest trends; they set them, tear them down, and then set them again.

Famous geminis naomi campbell Kayne West and Marilyn Monroe

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen: Consider every single outfit the two have ever worn, whether on a street run to a cafe or at the Met Gala — they are the real-life incarnation of Gemini twins.

Naomi Campbell: One of the all-time top models turned superstar, at 50 years of age her iconic moments are still sending vibrations through culture. She’s certainly not the only model to ever fall-down on a runway, but she may be the only one to ever reverse-engineer it into such a moment that the pants she was wearing are currently in a museum.

Lauryn Hill: Beyond style, she’s built a name for herself off of talent and outspokenness. At the 1999 Grammy Awards she made history becoming the first woman to win five Grammys in one night with her project The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill being the first hip-hop album to win the Album-of-The-Year Award.

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