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Serpentina Snake Cocktail Ring Gold Emerald CZ

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Immerse yourself in the allure of the Serpentina Snake Cocktail Ring, a symbol of elegance intertwined with mystery. This exquisite piece is crafted from the finest 925 sterling silver, enveloped in a rich 18ct gold plating that exudes warmth and luxury. The design features a serpent gracefully wrapped around your finger, its form both captivating and commanding attention. In the world of jewellery, the snake motif is celebrated for its association with renewal, wisdom, and protection, making this ring not only a statement piece but also a symbol of profound meanings.

The highlight of this iteration is the vibrant emerald CZ stones that embellish the snake, mimicking the hypnotic eyes of a serpent and adding a touch of majestic green to the ensemble. These stones bring a depth of colour and an additional layer of elegance to the ring. Weighing in at a comfortable 5.7 grams. It's available in three distinct sizes and sits along your finger at a length of 3.7cm, this ring is crafted to ensure a perfect fit for anyone desiring to weave a bit of enchantment into their wardrobe.

This Serpentina Snake Cocktail Ring goes beyond mere adornment; it's a vessel of storytelling, perfect for those who value jewellery with soul and an air of mystique.

Serpentina Snake Cocktail Ring Gold Emerald CZ
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