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World Turtle Day: Celebrating Conservation of Turtles and Latelita's Nature-Inspired Jewellery

What is world turtle day?

In honour of World Turtle day, we wanted to celebrate the amazing creatures that are turtles, and also talk about our nature-inspired turtle jewellery. Turtles have been around for over 200 million years, and they play a very important role in the ecosystem. They are often called "the architects of the reef" because they help to create and maintain coral reefs.

Latelita Sea Turtle Jewellery Collection Shell Earrings

Endangered Sea Turtles

Unfortunately, turtles are becoming increasingly endangered due to habitat loss, climate change, and pollution. That's why it is so important to celebrate World Turtle day and promote conservation efforts!


Sterling Silver Sea Turtle Jewellery

At Latelita, we are very inspired by nature and the beauty of the world around us. This is reflected in our turtle jewellery, which includes bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.

Turquoise Gold Turtle Bracelet and Necklace Latelita Jewellery

A Brand with an Ethical Stance

All of our turtle jewellery is made with high quality materials and attention to detail. We hope that our turtle jewellery will help to raise awareness about turtle conservation and inspire people to help protect these amazing creatures!


Items for you to Treasure

Our turtle bracelets are also available in sterling silver and 22ct rosegold plating. The AAA grade cubic zirconia give the turtle jewellery a beautiful sparkle that is sure to stand out. We hope you enjoy wearing these pieces of turtle jewellery as much as we enjoyed creating them!

Latelita Under the Sea inspired Jewellery Collection


A Necklace Where Sales Help Give Back

LATELITA's Turtle inspired necklaces and bracelets are the perfect addition to any outfit! These beautiful pieces are available in a variety of colours, including silver, gold, rosegold, adorned with turquoise, pink and chocolate gemstones. They're also highly detailed, making them a must-have for any fashionista. So ditch the same old jewellery and add some LATELITA flair to your style today. For each sale of our sea turtle necklaces we will donate 10% of proceeds to the WWF.org conservation efforts.

Turtle jewellery collection by Latelita

Looking for a unique and special gift?

Look no further than the LATELITA Turtle Collection. These beautiful pieces of jewellery are inspired by nature and feature natural gemstones in stunning colours. They make the perfect gift for anyone who loves animals and the outdoors.


Our mission to help clean the oceans

Our nature inspired jewellery collection is perfect for anyone who loves animals and the outdoors. Each piece is handcrafted from sterling silver with gold, rosegold, and rhodium plating to give it a beautiful shine. Plus, we have a wide range of colours and styles to choose from so you can find the perfect piece for your loved one.

Latelita under the sea jewellery collection

Latelita Under the Sea Jewellery Collection Coral Earrings and Crab Ring

In celebration of World Turtle Day, we are excited to introduce our under the sea jewellery collection. Each Item in this collection is inspired by the beauty and mystery of the ocean, created with vibrant colours and beautiful sea themed designs for lovers of all things nautical. It features a variety of stunning pieces, including necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

Lots of animal categories to choose from

If you are searching for that special marine jewellery piece then just relax and choose from our divine seashell, coral, turtle and seahorse jewellery for your perfect look. Choose sparkling Sapphire blue siren earrings to complement your shimmering evening gown or a cute Seahorses or Turtle bracelet worn with a favourite casual summer dress for day wear

We hope you enjoy wearing these pieces as much as we enjoyed creating them!

Turtle Bracelet Blue Turquoise Gemstone Gold

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You want to buy a pretty and unique piece of jewellery, but don't know where to start. 

It can be hard to find the perfect piece of jewellery that is both beautiful and unique. You don't want to wear the same thing as everyone else.

Latelita has the perfect solution with our turtle bracelets and necklaces. These pieces are inspired by animals, making them stand out from traditional jewellery designs. And with our range of colours and styles, you're sure to find the perfect piece for you.

Deluxe Packaging Experience on all orders

Our deluxe packaging makes each piece feel like an extra special gift. Plus, free UK delivery and hassle free returns make it easy to get the perfect fit. We know you’ll love our jewellery as much as we do – so why not shop now?

What does a turtle necklace represent

A sea turtle necklace is more than just a piece of jewellery - it is a symbol of hope and protection of our oceans and nature. Sea turtles are one of the oldest creatures on Earth, and they have long been revered by many cultures.

A symbol of good luck

In some cultures, sea turtles are seen as a symbol of good luck, while in others they are associated with strength and perseverance. Today, sea turtles are endangered due to factors such as pollution and habitat loss. Wearing a sea turtle necklace is a way to show your support for these magnificent creatures and to help raise awareness about the need to protect them.

Environmental sustainability

As human activity continues to put pressure on the environment, it is more important than ever to ensure that we are doing our best to protect our planet and especially our marine ecology. One way that we at LateLita to help the environment is to choose jewellery packaging that has been sustainably sourced.

Latelita Jewellery Sea Turtle Gold Bracelet


Sustainable Orders

Turtles are a perfect example of an animal that is worth protecting. They have been around for millions of years and play an important role in the ecosystem. Unfortunately, they are now endangered due to factors such as pollution and habitat loss. Wearing turtle jewellery is one way to show your support for these creatures and help raise awareness about the need to protect

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