Finishing off Leo season—the zodiac we commonly associate with the utmost regality, we now welcome the end of August and the start of Virgo season! Now, celebrating and discussing the zodiac regarded as the purest of all: symbolized by the virgin constellation in the stars.

Virgo astrological zodiac sign gifts for August and September birthdays


As of August 23, it’s officially Virgo season, and what better timing than coinciding with a Full Moon in Aquarius that’ll clear up any of the uncertainties brought forth by a previous New Moon. We know you’re easily frustrated when things aren’t ‘right’, but then again it is YOUR specialty to set things in order. What we’d like to offer is some advice: celebrate yourself, Virgo! After a year of hard work, it’s time for you to get yours, either by kicking back and enjoying the bubbles in a jacuzzi or popping bottles with your entourage. To make this birthday celebration even better, both Mercury and Mars will be joining you, entering into your chart and setting you up for a confident next few weeks. Whether you’re a Virgo looking to treat yourself after taking off the working gloves or a loved one in search of gifts — enjoy pieces from our zodiac jewellery collection. The perfect accents to let the world know who’s Virgo and proud.

latelita lapis lazuli zodiac necklaces


There’s the saying: “Good things come to those who wait”, but in Virgo’s world that saying is revised to “Good things come to those who earn them”. To follow this up, multifaceted celebrity socialite Nicole Richie has said in true Virgo-fashion, “I’m a Virgo and I’m really good at scheduling. And I really make it work. I get up at 6.30 every day.” But we wouldn’t be surprised if even 6.30 isn’t early enough. And while highly regarded for their palpable work ethic, Virgos are full of many other positive traits: Notably their high intelligence, excellence in observation, swift logic, and artistic sensibility. To be born between August 23 and September 22, Virgo is a force of greatness that others aspire to.

Being number one isn’t an easy feat, and being regarded as the most hardworking and reliable of the constellations comes with a heavyweight to carry. This is where Virgo’s natural generosity—another positive trait of their needs to be applied to not only those in their circle but to themselves. This is a difficulty that many Virgos tend to struggle with and then end up being too self-critical when mistakes happen also a result of their knack for observation. You are your biggest critic Virgo, and your hard work does not go unnoticed. Learn to accept the imperfections that are out of your control. That not every mistake is the end of the world, and then you’ll find yourself soaring through life in no time.



Fuelled by their intelligence-is-sexy nature and no-bullshit logic, Virgos tend to appreciate when feelings are made apparent. No lollygagging here: They are attracted to directness and those who can uphold an insightful conversation. Cautious with their hearts and slow to open up, with all that said, honesty is key. So, if you’re sure about your feelings and need to make them apparent to that special Virgo in your life, don’t hesitate to let them know. Treat them because it’s likely they’ve earned it—with some Virgo-themed jewellery or a birthstone of theirs: Peridot for those born in August, and Blue Sapphire for those in September.

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Similar to how Virgos are renowned for their purity, Sapphire—the birthstone for Virgos born in September—has been relished across civilizations for the pureness of their deep-blue gaze. A stone that has come to symbolize innocence, yet wisdom. Humans have been fascinated by the near-indestructible stone since the 7th century B.C. and they are known to bring good health to those who bear them. For Virgos born in August, see our blog post all about Peridot.

Sapphire Blue September Birthstone jewellery


Beyoncé and Stella McCartney iconic Virgos

Full of personality and craft, the list of iconic Virgos is full of greatness. From the undefeated queen Beyonce to the master actor Keanu Reeves; outspoken rock icon Liam Gallagher, and designer/environmental activist Stella McCartney. One standout trait which resonates throughout this eclectic list of names is that each individuals’ dedication to their work is impeccable.

Beyonce — Mrs. Queen Bee herself and a celeb who surely needs no introduction, the 28-time Grammy winner—the most Grammys won by a female artist ever—has been stuck in our heads since her early days with Destiny’s Child. The question now is: When can we expect new music?

Zendaya — The 24-year-old, multi-talented icon who’s both your style inspiration’s style inspiration is also Virgonian. She’s won best dressed both on the Instagram feed and the red carpet, while always holding it down on the big screen.

Stella McCartney — “I’m a real believer that doing a little something is a lot better than a lot of nothing”, said the Virgo Stella McCartney. She’s led the pack for countless creatives and fashion designers to make the earth and its creatures a priority in their work. All through dedication and a work ethic that involves an increasingly little bit of something in each endeavour.