Close up of peacock feathers in green blue and purple

The meaning and symbolism of the peacock feather in peacock jewellery

How many of us have been guilty of buying a piece of jewellery simply because it's pretty, without really knowing what the symbolism behind it is? I'm definitely guilty of that. But, after doing a bit of research, I've come to appreciate jewellery with meaning a lot more. So today, I want to share with you the meaning and symbolism of the peacock feather in peacock jewellery.

The peacock has been associated with beauty, royalty, and dignity for centuries. In ancient Greece, the bird was even considered a symbol of Hera, the goddess of marriage and childbirth. In Hinduism, the peacock is seen as a sacred bird and is often used as a motif in temples and artwork. Given all this history and symbolism associated with the peacock, it's no wonder that their feathers are often used in jewellery making!

Wearing a piece of peacock feather jewellery can symbolize all sorts of things like good luck, prosperity, renewal...the list goes on. So next time you're shopping for jewelry, keep an eye out for this special bird's feathers!

Peacock jewellery is a popular design in because of its beauty and symbolism

The peacock feather is a popular choice in jewellery designs, and it's easy to see why! It's beauty alone is worthy of its own spotlight – with its iridescent blues and purples that seem to hold their own internal light source. Beyond that, the peacock feather has strong symbolism associated with it: grace, luck, and fidelity among many others. So if you're looking for bold jewelry pieces that can uplift any style to the next level while embodying meaningfulness, look no further than the majestic peacock feather!

Peacock Cocktail Ring Gold
Peacock Cocktail Ring Gold

The feather represents rebirth, renewal, and vitality

Even though the feather may look like a small and fragile thing, don't let its delicate appearance deceive you! It has a lot of hidden power: it is a powerful symbol of vitality, renewal, and rebirth. A single feather can represent so much in different cultures and mythologies around the world. It is believed that finding a feather brings with it the promise of exciting new beginnings, new adventures, and maybe even an inner transformation. Who knows - next time you find a feather on your path, it just might be ushering in some sort of major life-shift!

It is also a symbol of good luck and prosperity

A lot of people recognize the image of a four-leaf clover as a symbol of luck and prosperity. While some rely on it as a lucky charm, others simply rejoice in its symbolic meaning or simply see it as an excuse to appreciate nature's beauty. Either way, the idea of having that extra bit of luck and potential prosperity is a very comforting thought! So if you ever spot one in your garden or take a stroll through the meadow and find one, embrace that little bit of extra good fortune!

Close up of peacock feathers
Green Petal Cascading Earrings

Peacock feathers can be found in many different colours, each with their own meaning

Peacock feathers are truly a sight to behold. That deep blue, the contrasting green and purple, those piercing red eyes... there's so much magic in those feathers! But besides being beautiful to look at, the colours of their feathers also have special significance. According to Indian mythology, each colour represents some sort of symbolism or deeper spiritual protection or even healing. So not only can you admire these feathers for their beauty but also appreciate them for their sense of depth and history!

Blue peacock feathers represent truth, wisdom, and understanding

Peacock feathers have been associated with beauty, grace and nobility for centuries, but there is much more to their iconic style than mere aesthetics. While the color blue is often used to represent depth and stability, in the case of peacock feathers it stands for truth, wisdom, and understanding - suitably matched with a fistful of pizzazz. While their appearance can be striking, we should look beyond their outer beauty if we want to truly appreciate the deeper message these feathers represent.

Painting of a peacock from India
Model wearing gold peacock earring with blue and green gemstones

Green peacock feathers represent growth, fertility, and abundance

Did you know that peacock feathers aren't actually green? While the illusion of their color is created through the microscopic structure of their feathers, all that makes them truly special is what it symbolizes. Green peacock feathers represent growth, fertility, and abundance in many cultures, indicating a time of renewal and flourishing. If you're looking to give someone a gift that indicates prosperity and good fortune - whether it's a funny way to encourage a friend or help them create some new luck - consider picking up a bunch of peacock feathers!

If you’re ever feeling down or lost, remember that the peacock feather is a symbol of rebirth and hope. And if you see one in your path, consider it a sign of good luck. Wealth and prosperity could be coming your way. Peacock feathers also make for beautiful (and popular) jewellery design. So next time you’re looking for a piece of peacock jewellery to add to your collection, keep an eye out for this stunning natural element.