5 Reasons you'll love shopping with Latelita. Ethical, sustainable, Independent.

5 Reasons you'll love shopping with Latelita. Ethical, sustainable, Independent.

It can be hard to find beautiful, high-quality jewellery that is also ethically and sustainably sourced.

Most jewellery is made in unethical conditions, with gemstones that have been mined in a way that harms the environment. It's also often difficult to find good customer service with most jewellery companies.

Latelita offers stunning, ethically-sourced jewellery made by an independent designer. Our pieces are crafted by hand using only the finest materials, and our customer service is outstanding. We also offer free domestic shipping and hassle-free returns

Fully Sustainable Packaging

Our sustainable packaging is made from recycled materials and is 100% recyclable. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and helping to preserve our planet for future generations.

Accredited Living Wage Employer

The real Living Wage is the only wage rate that is voluntarily paid by over 10,000 UK businesses who believe their staff deserve a wage which meets everyday needs.

100% Recycled Silver ✦

We only make our pieces in 100% recycled sterling silver. It's the same high-quality as  mined silver but with vastly reduced CO2 emissions. 

All of our silver jewellery is hallmarked with a purity of 925 sterling silver. 

Handcrafted By Artisans

Working with the finest artisans & gem cutters gives us the unique edge of being able to conceptualize, design and handcraft; iconic pieces from within our atelier.

Ethically Sourced Gemstones

Our gemstones are sourced from all over the world by master artisans who hand select and hand cut each one. 

All of our suppliers adopt our stringent social, ethical and environmental standards.