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Article: Our must have rainbow inspired jewels

Our must have rainbow inspired jewels - LATELITA

Our must have rainbow inspired jewels

Rainbow Multicoloured Inspired Jewellery Pieces Earrings, Rings, Necklaces and Bracelets

Is there anything more naturally beautiful than a rainbow? Its beautiful appearance as like shooting stars and Northern lights, are a total magical phenomenal array of colours. When we see a rainbow, you feel like a little special something is happening, an emotive and mood-lifting experience. At Latelita we have created a rainbow designed range of fashion statement jewellery to excite and reflect a colourful mood. Discover why our exquisite must have top 10 Rainbow bright pieces will compliment your day or evening outfits with stunning effects.

Coralia Rainbow Earrings Gold

Coral Large Drop Earrings Gold Multicoloured Gemstone Latelita Jewellery

The meaning behind the name Coralia is coral and these stunning earrings are inspired by the intricate patterns and rainbow colours of the coral reef. These earrings shimmer and dazzle with the luxurious hues of sapphire blue, pink, emerald green, purple and yellow zircons, beautifully set within a coral shaped design with an emerald green gemstone at its centre. Perfect for those who like statement jewellery, this earring is a great finishing touch to any cocktail party, wedding or special occasion outfit.

Riviera Multicoloured Gemstone Bracelet

Riviera Multicoloured Gemstone Tennis Bracelet Latelita Jewellery

The Riviera multicoloured bracelet features a delicate baguette of multi-coloured cut zircons, set in alternating sized metallic settings in the style of a tennis bracelet. The bracelet captures the light to accentuate the beautiful bright colours. Ideal for those who covet delicate colourful jewellery. The Riviera bracelet features encasing either a single stone or three complementary coloured stones all linked together to create this glowing bracelet. With its abundance of colourful baguette cut zircons, this stunning bracelet looks chic worn with a pair of jeans and a blouse, or the finishing touch to an evening look. This bracelet makes an ideal gift for a birthday for a friend or loved one.

Rainbow Hoop Earrings Rose gold

Rainbow Hoop Earring Multicoloured Latelita

Meticulously crafted and beautifully styled rainbow hoop earring that sparkles with multi coloured zirconia set to imitate the bands of a rainbow. These pretty, petite hoop earrings are bevelled in design and are adorned with zirconia which hug the earlobe for a delightful yet elegant feel.  Making it perfect for those who covet delicate jewellery with added colour. Perfect from daytime to evening wear.

North Star Rainbow

Rainbow Stud Earrings North Star Rosegold Latelita Jewellery

This North star rainbow stud earring, like it's namesake, is the brightest star in the constellation. This pretty earring sparkles with rainbow-coloured zircons with a small metallic north star at its centre, to add glitz and glam to any outfit. The Northern Star is an eternal reassurance for travellers heading north, a constant bright source on their journeys. 

Northern Starburst Bangle

Rainbow North Star Cuff Bangle Multicoloured Latelita Jewellery

This stunning bangle bracelet is stylishly simple and sparkles with multicoloured cubic zirconia and crystals. The Vibrant colours add a chic look and add glitz and glam to any outfit. Perfect worn to celebrate a special occasion or wedding day. Follow your star and wear this bracelet inspired by nature's beauty, the spectral colours of the Northern Lights combined with the rainbow’s magical rays of light. These joyous pieces are exquisitely finished in rose gold. Live life in colour.

The Gatsby Pearl Earrings Rainbow CZ Gold

Rainbow Inspired Multicoloured Jewellery Latelita Pink Green Blue

These intricately designed front facing hoop earrings have natural pearls accented with zirconia. The chandelier drop earrings move with the wearer for added sparkle exuding a hypnotic dazzling effect as they catch the light from day to night. The different colour zircons imitate a rainbow, and the pearls are a forever classic. They're the epitome of traditional style, an accessory that will never let you down. The purity of these earrings make them an idea finishing touch for any evening, bridal or wedding attire.

Gatsby Pearl Gemstone Large Drop Earrings Multicoloured Rainbow Inspired

Florence Multi Coloured Gemstone Necklace Gold

The Florence necklace features round cut gemstones, spaced evenly on a fine chain which move and capture the light as the necklace is worn. Wear on the shorter length as a choker or use the adjuster to wear as a traditional necklace. The multicolour gemstones are a subtle reflection of the burst of glistening colours following the glory of a bright rainbow. The Capri collection is inspired by the glitz and glamour of the Italian Riviera combined with sophisticated European design.

Florence Multicoloured Gemstone Necklace

Babylon multicoloured flower drop earrings rose gold

Spectacular statement earrings with incredible detailing and beautiful rainbow colours. Flower Inspired by the fabled gardens of Babylon, these stunning earrings dazzle with the luxurious hues of sapphire blue, pink, emerald green and yellow zircons and gemstones, beautifully set within an elongated flower shaped design with a turquoise gemstone at its centre.. 

Babylon Multicoloured Gemstone Necklace

Butterfly Rainbow Multi Coloured Drop Earring Gold

Ideal for those who love delicate colourful jewellery with plenty of sparkle. Make these pretty multi coloured butterfly earrings your new wardrobe addition. These multi coloured cubic zirconia adorned butterflies are adorned with a sparkling a chain link for added movement. Handcrafted in sterling silver, with our signature sparkling zircons.

Butterfly Rainbow Drop Earrings

Wearing Latelita rainbow inspired jewellery is like wearing happiness, their vivid, cheerful, and bright colours are just so pretty and bright that it will bring joy to you and anyone who sees you wearing them. Match earrings, bracelets, and necklaces to maximise that rainbow colour spectrum.

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