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Article: How to style ear climbers, ear crawlers and ear cuffs

How to style ear climbers, ear crawlers and ear cuffs - LATELITA

How to style ear climbers, ear crawlers and ear cuffs

More than a trend

From the high fashion runway models to red carpet glamour, the ear climber or ear crawler trend has taken over the jewellery world as the edgy and modern big sister to the more conventional stud earring.

Super versatile and highly impactful, you can elevate your looks from office to evening with only a few changes.

At Latelita we love that ear climbers allow our wearers to achieve a modern rock star look without the need for multiple ear piercings. Come discover all the questions you have about this trend, which is here to stay.

LATELITA jewellery spikey ear climber and ear crawler cuff

What are ear climbers?

Ear climbers, also known as ear crawlers or cuffs are a unique style of earring which gives a distinctive look without the wearer needing multiple ear piercings. A form of elongated stud, the style is named because it “climbs” up the ear when worn.

From simple ear crawlers to full climbers with beautiful gemstone edging up the ear, ear climbers will bring a touch of glamour to your earring style.

LATELITA jewellery spikey ear climber and ear crawler cuff

What are ear jackets?

Earrings jackets allow you to mix up your earring game. By adding them to your existing stud earrings, the jacket component goes over the post of your stud earring and then hangs below the ear lobe, adding extra decoration. This allows you to have two pairs of earrings in one, dressing up or down for any occasion.

LATELITA jewellery ear jacket and stud earring sterling silver

How do you put in and secure ear climbers?

  1. Firstly thread the ear climber post (stud or wire) through your ear piercing.
  2. Flip up the ear climber so it runs to the arc of your ear. Your ear lobe will be gripped between the post and the front of the ear climber.
  3. Squeeze the ear climber gently to secure. Be sure that there is enough pressure to secure but not to pinch
  4. Rock your ear climbers with confidence.

latelita jewellery full ear climber crawler earrings in yellow gold

Do you wear ear climbers on their own or as a pair?

This is totally up to you! The versatility of ear climbers means you can wear them singularly, as a pair, or even asymmetrically by balancing with a stud earring. You can even elevate your ear game completely by adding cuffs and second piercing studs.

If you are going to mix, try to stick to one plating or style so that there is an asymmetry but a consistency to your look.

latelita jewellery ear climber crawler angel wing with star burst drop earring

How to style ear climbers?

The combinations are limitless and it’s important for you to follow your own personal style. Ear climbers and crawlers range from “in your face eye grabbing” to “understated and delicate”. We set out our different approaches to layering ear climbers with multiple piercings or letting them be centre stage.

The bold: The combinations and rules are limitless. For a bold but elegant look, choose a statement ear climber with lots of sparkle and let it breathe to take centre stage. Pair this with a cocktail ring of equal glamour.

The unique: Choose an ear climber with an interesting shape or design as to create a focal point. Whether its nature or animal inspired, or reminiscent of the night sky with a celestial theme.

Latelita jewellery ear climber earring collection with sterling silver rosegold and gold finish

The asymmetric: If you want to create an asymmetrical look, wear a single ear climber in one ear and a coordinating stud in the other ear. For example, try wearing one of our sparkling zirconia ear climbers and a simple solitaire stud earring.

The upper cuff: An upper cartilage cuff is a great way to balance the lower lobe ear climber, as the work in harmony for a complete ear game look.

spice girl Melanie B wears latelita ear climber crawler in ruby tsavorite and sapphireLATELITA PHOENIX EAR CLIMBER IN SAPPHIRE RUBY TSAVORITE GEMSTONE

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