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Article: Everything you've ever wondered about Pearls

Everything you've ever wondered about Pearls - LATELITA

Everything you've ever wondered about Pearls

Pearls and their origin:

We explore the origins of one of the world’s most magical and favourite gems “The Pearl”.  Learn how they’re formed, their metaphysical properties, the history, why pearls remain so popular and timeless through the ages, styling and ways to wear our pearl jewellery.

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How are Pearls are formed and the difference between Natural Pearls and Cultured Pearls:

A Cultured Pearl is formed in the same process as a natural pearl.  A shell bead inside the oyster is covered by the oyster producing layers of nacre, (also known as mother of pearl) until a lustrous pearl is formed. 

Pearls can come from either salt or freshwater sources. Freshwater pearls can come in many other shapes, known as baroque pearls. Their unique shape gives them an alluring individuality for something rare, fine, admirable and valuable.

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Pearls are also split into two main types:

  • Mother of Pearl - recognized by the very distinct multi-coloured shine and associated with relaxation, easing the stress, and soothing tension.
  • Abalone Shell - This has a low and open spiral structure. Often used as a talisman for love and protection

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Pearls, a history

Pearls were discovered before written history began, probably by ancient peoples searching the shores for food. History has recorded pearls being worn as a form of jewellery for millennia dating back as early as 2300 BC, when pearl jewellery was presented as gifts to Chinese royalty. In ancient Rome, pearl jewellery was considered the ultimate status symbol. The Romans and Egyptians prized pearls and used them as decorative items as far back as the 5th Century BC. Known as the 'Queen of Gems' pearls were once the exclusive property of the rich and powerful.  Pearls have a place in Hindu, Islamic and Christian traditions - often to symbolise purity and perfection.

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History of pearls in fashion

Through the ages the wearing of pearls implied superiority, a certain level of class or seen as a status symbol suited only for the wealthy. In more modern times the fashion industry has seen the re-emergence of the pearl as an accessible statement jewellery.  French fashion designer Coco Chanel inspired by the opulent pearl gems went on feature them as part of her brand.

It’s also been mentioned and written about since time immemorial that pearls are the gems of icons like Audrey Hepburn, Jacqueline Onassis, Grace Kelly. For centuries, royals have also been depicted in rows upon rows of pearls.

La Peregrina Pearl is one of the most famous pearls in the world with a 500-year romantic history dating back to the mid-16th century. In 1969, actor Richard Burton commissioned the renowned jeweller Cartier to the set the Peregrina Pearl in a necklace pearl for his wife Elizabeth Taylor as a Valentine’s Day gift.

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Metaphysical properties

Pearls are known for their calming effects and helping people to attune to their normal flow of life. They will soothe your negative feelings, transmuting them into positive feelings. Pearls also promote honesty, charity, and truth.

Chakra Healing

Pearls are connected to lower chakras and wearing this stone will help you get them in balance.  You can utilize the energy of Pearls to bring your Hearth chakra in balance. Pearls are also great for getting your Third Eye chakra in balance. This will help you feel much better, acknowledge your success in business and personal life. By wearing pearl jewellery, you will boost your intuition, creativity, and visualization.

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Birthstone and Zodiac

According to the traditional list of birthstones, Pearls are associated with the months of February and November. In the modern birthstone list, Pearls are considered as June Birthstone. This gemstone is also Star Sign of Gemini and Cancer.

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What are the benefits of wearing pearl jewellery?

Wearing Pearl jewellery is considered beneficial for their healing properties that will bring you love, abundance, better health, wisdom, and wealth. Positive energy from this gemstone will turn negative into positive feelings. Pearls were often a gift for brides as they bring harmony and love into the person's life.

What are the different colours of pearls?

Most of the natural pearls come in colours ranging from white to grey with overtones of pink, purple, blue, green, golden, yellow, silver and black colour. Also, black pearls are more common nowadays thanks to culturing. Coloured pearls are pretty rare and not that easy to find.

White Pearls - one of the most favourable colours used as wedding jewellery considered as the best for new brides. White pears are symbols of beauty, innocence, peace, and purity.

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How to style pearls

When you were younger, you may have found pearls in your mother’s jewellery box, reserved for special occasions. It’s possible you even dreamt of wearing those prized pearl earrings or that pearl necklace on your wedding day or to a black-tie event.

As pearls are unique gemstones from the sea that require no special cutting or polishing to maximize their natural allure, they have long been a highly sought-after and valuable gem that add elegance and intrigue to any look. Because of that, pearl jewellery is making a big come back in everyday style and fashion. And rightfully so.

So, it’s no surprise the days of wearing pearl jewellery solely for special occasions are behind us.

People are currently wearing pearl earrings, necklaces, and bracelets to bring an element of class and a bit of vintage style to their everyday look.

It is also becoming more common for brides to wear pearls on their wedding day — even if they aren’t the ones she found as a child.

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Finding the perfect peal jewellery for you

Each bride has a unique sense of style, and wedding jewellery should be a reflection of that, including the type of gemstone worn and how it’s worn.

Pearls can be worn in a variety of ways to compliment the wedding gown, as well as the veil or other accessories, all working in favour of the bride’s comfort, confidence, and beauty.

Latelita Pearl Jewellery Baroque Pearl Flower Earrings Rosegold

Pearls for the party

When dressing up for a party, jewellery can give your outfit the “wow factor” you desire. If your outfit is understated, a strand or two of pearls can make your outfit pop.

A solid-coloured dress will pair wonderfully with pearls, creating a simple and classic look.

If your ensemble is bright or bold, choose a demurer pearl necklace to balance your outfit with your jewellery.


How to find the perfect pearl jewellery pieces for you 

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