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Cancer zodiac star sign horoscope jewellery collection by Latelita jewelry

Continuing with our tie-in to both the moon and the sea considering this month’s birthstones happen to be pearl and moonstone is the latest zodiac birthday we’re celebrating Cancer.  Represented by the crab constellation and planetarily ruled by the moon, Cancers are revered as one of the most sensible zodiacs, driven by emotion and changing moods like the different phases of the moon.

Celebrating Cancer’s Birthday, The Summer Solstice

Marking the longest day of the year, June 21st, the summer solstice also happens to be the birthday for Cancer in the zodiac calendar — so enjoy the 16 hours and 38 minutes of daylight our crustacean friends; let loose, catch some sun, and pour one back as you are surely deserving of it! Not only because it’s another year around the sun, but because the following day is the end of Mercury in Retrograde as well as the emotional turmoil and confusion that comes with it. Finishing off the month of June is a full moon in Capricorn — the sign opposite of Cancer — which means coming to a realization about your wants and needs while making some big decisions in your love life. Celebrate yourself or a Cancer you know from a selection of timeless pieces from our zodiac jewellery collection.

Mother of pearl zodiac jewellery Latelita Cancer June July

Gifted Emotional Intelligence:

When it comes to Cancers, one thing is for certain: nobody knows them as they know themselves. Driven by strong emotions and unwavering dedication, Cancers move through life based on their own intuition, with their sensibility serving as their compass. Not only are they highly in tune with their own feelings, but they’re oftentimes in tune with the emotions of others, being able to detect changes in moods and emotional fronts with an almost psychic-like ability. It’s never wise to tell a lie, but it’s even less so when in the presence of a Cancer. As much of their personality is rooted in their unique emotional depth, they are also known for being incredibly nurturing and caring — considerably to their loved ones. But if a Cancer spoils you, it would be wise to spoil them back as they’re quick to unload their dismay if their appreciation isn’t shown in return.

Cancer diamond silver zodiac necklace sterling silver Latelita

A Wave of Emotions:

As we often find in zodiac signs, it is our best traits that also tend to work against us. For Cancers, that strong emotional depth which lights your path can also make things more challenging, as moods may change like the moon in the sky, glowing bright one moment and disappearing the next. On top of this, emotions may pour out all too powerful like an uncontrollable wave. But these are all a part of the unique relationship that Cancers’ have with their emotions, and they are nothing the right gemstone can’t help to subdue. Consider the soothing energy of pearls to calm the tides stirring within.

Latelita natural white pearl june birthstone jewellery

Cancers, Romance & Companionship:

In many cases, the most praised quality of Cancers coming from their partners tends to be their loyalty. Boundless and deeply rooted, once a Cancer crawls out of their shell and opens up their level of commitment is optimal. The only difficult part is getting them out of that shell. Showing them appreciation is sure to help with that, as they’re not shy when it comes to spoiling and may end up showering with their love first. Whether you’re cracking that shell open or returning the love, a piece of jewellery is sure to do the trick. Try pearl or moonstone for Cancers born in June, continuing the association between their sign, the sea, and the moon. For those born in July, Ruby is the way to go, as the red colour is synonymous with devotion, loyalty, and compassion. What do you know, not unlike Cancers themselves?

latelita diamond zodiac jewellery personalised collection cancer leo libra aquarius aries taurus

Reenergize with Ruby: Cancer’s Birthstone

Like the vibrant red that glosses over this gem, Ruby is known for its stimulating properties that consist of aiding one’s vitality, energy, and sensuality. Should the emotions of a Cancer be down, trust in that ruby will help to revitalize them and enhance their confidence. Thought to be the gem of the sun, long have rubies been held in high regard, and in ancient times they were symbolic with nobility as a result of their striking blood-red hue. The romance that pertains to the red of roses is also found in rubies, a stone known to inspire sexual desire and light the fire within a person.

Latelita mens natural red ruby and diamond cufflinks designer jewellery

Iconic Cancers:

When going over the list of celebrity Cancers, the level of stardom is abundant. Consisting of many of the favourite pop artists of today: from queens of the mainstream like Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez to your favourites with a bit more indie in them like Solange Knowles and Lana Del Rey. Lest we forget Jaden Smith, one of the leading style provocateurs of a generation, always leading the way at the forefront of trends. A common thread and notable style cue found in all of these names is that — as discussed in the Cancer personality traits — there’s depth in their emotions, and it shows in the way they dress. An approach to putting together looks that for Cancers, should come naturally.

Solange Knowles:

While some may have known her as the sister of the Queen Bee herself (Uhh, Beyonce!) By now, she’s stepped into her own realm of fame while still managing to retain a mysterious allure. Her song Cranes in The Sky off of her 2016 funk and R&B masterpiece A Seat at The Table landed her first Grammy for best R&B performance of the year.

Ariana Grande:

Not a whole lot of explaining surely needs to be done, but as one of today’s biggest mega stars, a quality that separates her from the rest of the pop zeitgeist (aside from those pipes) is the rare form of glamour she possesses to make even the most relaxed outfits glamorous.

Lana Del Rey:

Possibly the biggest name in indie-pop, analogous with her music, her style tells stories and instils emotions both romantic and melancholic. Nominated for the album of the year award, she struck a chord in the hearts of listeners in 2012 with her album Born to Die and has since taken fans on a rollercoaster ride of lows and highs with an eclectic catalogue that’s created a world of her own.

famous celebrity cancerian women cancers Ariana grande, solange knowles and lana del rey

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