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Willow Double Leaf Necklace Silver

Sale price£69.00

Introducing the Willow Double Leaf Necklace Silver! This nature-inspired beauty is handcrafted with 925 sterling silver and gleams with subtle sparkle. Capturing the lovely essence of delicate willow leaves in an open 3-D design, this unique piece boasts two differing sized leaves suspended from a fine silver chain. Whether draped over a crisp white tee or over a dressy top, your style game is sure to get an extra boost of organic bliss! 

But don't let its delicate exterior fool you—the Willow Double Leaf Necklace Silver contains an extra special surprise! The magical sparkles of cubic zirconia twinkle through the veins of the leaves like a bed of stars in the night sky. Don't you feel enchanted just by imagining it?

Leaves are a powerful symbol of growth and renewal. The symbolism of leaves is rooted in their representation of the natural cycle of life and death. Leaves die in winter, to be reborn in spring. This symbolizes the idea that although we may go through difficult times, new beginnings are always possible.

Let your look bloom when you don this adjustable 42-45 cm necklace: largest leaf 1.5 cm; small leaf 1.0 cm (and weighing only 1.8 grams). Summertime style has never looked so sweet! Go ahead and accessorize with confidence - compliments will be rolling in and your neck will sing its joyous melody when it wears this beautiful leafy delight!

Willow Double Leaf Necklace Silver - LATELITA Necklaces
Willow Double Leaf Necklace Silver Sale price£69.00