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Turtle Floating Sparkle Necklace Silver

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The Turtle Floating Sparkle Necklace is perfect for those fashionistas who love animals!

This stunning necklace is crafted with 925 sterling silver. The open design turtle pendant is a breath taking piece of art, embellished with cubic zirconia and featuring one gleaming floating zircon in its centre. Every detail on this exquisite jewellery has been carefully crafted to perfection! The overall look of this piece gives off a feeling of calm serenity, majesty, and strength.

The turtle is a meaningful symbol in many cultures, representing wisdom, longevity, and protection. It is believed that turtles have the power to help people find the answers they seek through their slow and steady movements. The symbolism of the turtle can also be interpreted as a reminder to take life one step at a time or stay grounded in difficult times.

It also features a convenient 38-43cm chain with size adjuster, so you can get just the right fit and look. At 1.7cm long and 1 cm wide, the pendant has a substantial feel while still being lightweight enough to wear all day comfortably, weighing just 2.9grams.

Make a statement with this sophisticated piece and captivate any onlooker's attention!