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Petite Drop Earrings Turquoise Silver

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Introducing the perfect accessory for any occasion, our Petite Drop Earrings Turquoise Silver! These earrings provide a delicate touch that dazzles in the light. As if carved from heaven and slipped to earth, they’re sure to bring back memories of those summer blue skies and sea. 

Turquoise gemstones carved into a teardrop shape are set within a 925 sterling silver textured setting, these elegant earrings feature traditional French hook fastenings. Carefully finished by hand, each piece has a unique veining or mottled webbing for additional character.

The December birthstone, turquoise, is a beautiful and unique stone that has been used in jewellery for centuries. Turquoise is believed to bring peace, protection, and good fortune to its wearer. It ranges in colour from bright sky blue to deep greenish-blue.

The petite design of these earrings is truly timeless, the perfect addition to any outfit. Not only will you love their graceful appearance, but their weight (4.7 grams) and length (3cm) provide comfort whilst wearing. Whether you choose to wear them casually or for special occasions – you can be sure your gorgeous Petite Drop Earrings Turquoise Silver will stand out from the crowd and bring an air of style wherever you go!