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Mini Star Burst Small Stud Earrings Gold

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Introducing the Mini Star Burst Small Stud Earrings, a shining piece of jewellery that is sure to make a statement! Our stunning earrings feature one central zirconia crystal, providing eye-catching sparkle and elegance. Crafted using 925 sterling silver dipped in 22ct gold, these earrings have been carefully designed to perfection. Ideal for those who appreciate delicate jewellery with a true impact, the mini star burst bring glitz and glamour to any outfit. Perfect for special occasions such as weddings or anniversaries, these earrings also make an ideal present for bridesmaids, offering the perfect gift to celebrate the memories of your special day.

Stars are often used to symbolize heavenly bodies, purity and good luck. In dreams, a shooting star is a sign of self-fulfillment and advancement in life.

With an impressive dimensions length of 0.8cm, width of 0.8cm and weight of 1.5 grams, look no further than our Mini Star Burst Small Stud Earrings - they really do add something extra! Buy yours today and experience it’s unique beauty for yourself!