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Hamsa Polished Disc Pendant Necklace Gold

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Are you looking for a special piece of jewellery that's both stylish and meaningful? Look no further than the Hamsa Polished Disc Pendant Necklace Gold. It combines fashion and symbolism with its unique, high polished disc handset with Latelita signature zircons in the shape of the hand of Hamza. This simple yet chic necklace could be just what you need to start every day in style!

An ancient, yet ever-popular charm for protection from the envious and malevolent eye is the hamsa hand (Arabic) or Hamish hand (Hebrew). The terms hamza and Hamish are derived from Arabic and Hebrew words which mean "five", referring to its five digits.

The necklace is perfectly suited for everyday wear, whether it's worn singularly or layered for a more dramatic look. With its handcrafted sterling silver dipped in 22ct gold, it offers a luxurious look. Plus, it will sparkle from day to night as each pretty charm is adorned using Latelita multifaceted white and blue zircons.

It also makes an ideal gift for someone you love who loves charms and amulets! With a length of 40 to 44.5 cm and a 2 cm pendant diameter, this fashionable necklace comes at 5 grams weight – so light you won't even notice wearing it.