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Starfish Sparkling Hoop Earrings Silver

Sale price651,00 kr

Make a splash with these adorable Starfish Sparkling Hoop Earrings Silver! The 925 sterling silver frames and post make for sturdy structure, while the super-luxe cubic zirconia stones shimmer all around. Plus, with a playful starfish charm dangling from the underside of the hoop earrings, you get a truly unique look! Perfect for everyday wear or any special occasion, they carry an undeniable air of glamour.

The starfish has long been a symbol of renewal, regeneration and hope; it's ability to re-grow its own limbs after being hurt making it an emblem of strength and resilience. As a result, wearing starfish jewellery is more than just a fashion statement - it carries with it immense symbolic significance. It serves as a reminder that we can overcome adversity and no matter how many times life knocks us down, we will always come back even stronger.

But don't be fooled by their sparkly exterior - these gorgeous earring are light as a feather at just 0.8 grams a pair! With drop of 2.6cm and easy butterfly fastening, these earrings make sure your style looks as light and effortless as you feel wearing them. So let your inner fashionista shine bright like the stars...while paying homage to our planet's amazing wildlife!

Starfish Sparkling Hoop Earrings Silver - LATELITA Earrings
Starfish Sparkling Hoop Earrings Silver Sale price651,00 kr