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Zodiac Star Sign Necklace Gold Aquarius

Sale price$470.00

Introducing the must-have accessory for anyone who follows the stars and believes in the power of the zodiac! The Zodiac Star Sign Necklace.

This gorgeous piece is made with 925 sterling silver that has been dipped in 22ct gold. The necklace's centrepiece is a beautiful, polished metallic motif of a Water-bearer. It's perfect for anyone who follows their horoscope, loves celestial-themed accessories, or wants to show their interest in the stars.

Aquarius celebrate birthdays January 20 - February 18. People born under the Aquarius sign are said to be progressive, independent, intelligent, unique, and idealistic. Their elemental sign is air, the same as that for Gemini and Libra. Like air, Aquarians don't have a single, clear shape and seem to defy categorization.

The necklace also comes with a 40-45cm chain, so it can be worn at a length to complement any neckline. It measures 1.5 x 1.5cm and weighing only 2.8grams, this necklace is not only beautiful but also lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Show your zodiac pride with this stylish and unique piece of jewellery.

Zodiac Star Sign Necklace Gold Aquarius - LATELITA Necklaces
Zodiac Star Sign Necklace Gold Aquarius Sale price$470.00