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Ripple Mini Hoop Earrings Gold

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Discover the subtle elegance of the Ripple Mini Hoop Earrings in Gold. Meticulously crafted from 925 sterling silver and lavishly dipped in 18ct gold, these hoops are a testament to understated beauty.

Designed for those who admire jewellery with a light touch, these earrings shy away from bold statements, opting instead for a refined charm. The highly polished, twisted appearance captures and reflects light, adding a gentle sparkle to your every move.

Lightweight at just 0.9 grams and compact with a 1.1cm diameter, they promise comfort and style for everyday wear. Elevate your daily ensemble with these exquisite mini hoops.

Ripple Mini Hoop Earrings Gold
Ripple Mini Hoop Earrings Gold Angebot£39.00