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Giselle Drop Earrings Paraiba Tourmaline Silver

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Meet the enchanting Giselle Drop Earrings Paraiba Tourmaline, where sophistication meets the mesmerizing allure of the ocean. These earrings are meticulously crafted from 925 sterling silver, featuring an elegant teardrop silhouette that subtly catches the light, drawing all eyes to you. Nestled within each teardrop setting is a lab-created Paraiba Tourmaline, renowned for its vibrant, electric blue-green hues that echo the clear tropical seas.

Each earring is perfectly framed by a sparkling circle of cubic zirconia, enhancing the radiant glow of the Paraiba Tourmaline at its heart. The earrings gracefully dangle from a zircon-embellished latch back fastening, blending security with a dash of elegance. With dimensions of 3.0cm in length and 1.0cm in width, and weighing a mere 5.0 grams, they promise to be a comfortable yet striking addition to any outfit.

Paraiba Tourmalines are more than just a feast for the eyes; they're imbued with a deep, mesmerizing energy. Known for their unique neon glow, these gemstones are believed to inspire creativity and soothe the soul, making them a beacon for artists and dreamers alike. As a symbol of tranquility and insight, the Paraiba Drop Earrings are a talisman for those seeking a touch of calm and inspiration in their lives.

Giselle Drop Earrings Paraiba Tourmaline Silver
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