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Evil Eye Drop Earrings Gold

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Introducing our Evil Eye Drop Earrings in Gold – a blend of elegance and mystique. Crafted from high-quality 925 sterling silver, and given a luxurious touch with an 18ct gold dip. At a delicate length of 2.5cm and a width of 0.7cm, these earrings weighs a mere 3.8 grams, making them a lightweight charm that adds a whisper of intrigue to your look without weighing you down.

Centre stage is the captivating evil eye bead, nestled snugly within a circular frame, which dangles from a latch back earring top ensuring it dazzles from every angle. But this isn't just any adornment. The evil eye is more than a symbol; it's an ancient talisman, a protector against misfortune and harm. In jewellery, it serves as both a guardian and a statement of sophistication.

Wearing these earrings is not just an act of fashion but of empowerment. They serve as amulets, shielding you in a cloak of positive energy and warding off negative vibes. Let the Evil Eye Drop Earrings be your personal guardian, blending timeless allure with a touch of mystical charm.

Evil Eye Drop Earrings Gold
Evil Eye Drop Earrings Gold Angebot£47.00 Regulärer Preis£59.00