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Enter The Dragon Pendant Necklace Silver

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Unleash the mythical allure with our Enter The Dragon Pendant Necklace, a masterpiece sculpted in 925 sterling silver to bring the legendary dragon to life. Its surface, intricately textured to mimic the enigmatic scales of a dragon, wraps around in a stunning 3 dimensional design ensuring the majestic creature is always in full view, no matter the angle. The fiery red enamel eyes ignite a spark of adventure and mystery.

The pendant, measuring 2.5cm in length and 2.0cm in width with a weight of 7.0 grams, is complemented by a versatile chain adjustable between 40-45cm.

Dragons, often symbols of strength, wisdom, and protection in folklore, make this pendant not just a piece of jewellery, but a talisman for the bold and the brave. So embrace the dragon's lore, a guardian of fortune and valour in your journey.

Enter The Dragon Pendant Necklace Silver
Enter The Dragon Pendant Necklace Silver Angebot469,00 zł