Top 10 date ideas for Valentines day - Plus what to wear?

Posted on January 19, 2016 by Alpay Turfan

Stuck for a perfect date? here are our top 10 Valentines day date ideas.

1. Explore your city like a tourist
Sometimes it's easy to lose sight of what your own city can offer. Often we stick to the same few places. Grab a tourist guide and tick off those hidden galleries, walks, parks and museums you haven't got round to but always say you will. Get reaquainted with your city and with your other half as well.

2. Get A Couples' Massage
There's nothing like a spa retreat to relax your mind and body. On a budget? offer eachother massages, this after all can be more fun...

3. Go back to square one
Surprise your loved one by recreating your first date

4. Take A Cooking Class
Show off your gourmet talents

5. Have A Sexy Game Night

6. Listen To Live Music
Into jazz, or heavy metal, there is nothing like music to bring you together. Find out who's playing on Valentine's Day

7. Don't bring her flowers, bring her to the flowers.
It isn't just the hot house that needs to get hot and steamy, take her to a botanical garden so she doesn't complain that you never bring her flowers

8. Dance the night away
Who cares if you have two left feet, let the music take control and dance the night away with a cocktail or two.

9. Tick off that bucket list
We all have a bucket list -- find out if there's some overlap between the two of yours. Both want to jump out of a plane? treck a mountain? race a sportscar DO IT! and share the memory together forever

10. Play Truant
Release the naughty school child within. Play hooky on valentines day and ditch the everyday stresses of the work place. We won't tell.

AND FINALLY what to wear / what she really wants. Dusty rose snakeskin accessories part of the Eden Collection.

Happy Valentine's day with Latelita







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